Presque Isle Tri Recap

Since the Presque Isle Triathlon happened in August, let’s just file this recap under better late than never.

The Preqsue Isle Triathlon is a sprint distance tri that takes place on the Presque Isle peninsula in Erie, PA.


I went into this race with one goal: beat my time from 2014. Spoiler alert: I did! 

Before leaving, I did the Jasyoga race day meditation that worked so well for me before REV3.

race morning beauty
race morning beauty

We got to transition early, racked my bike and got body marked. After that, Tyler and I headed back to the car to chill a bit and I listened to my pre-race playlist to first calm me down then pump me up.

an empty transition, the day before the race
an empty transition, the day before the race


swim start (the day before)
swim start (the day before)

The swim (0.35 mile) . This was a doozy. The water was so choppy that I couldn’t settle into any sort of groove, I didn’t remember it being this bad in 2014. I went from let’s beat my swim time from 2014 to “just keep moving forward.” Seeing several swimmers have to hang onto support kayaks made me nervous, but I just pushed on and focused on my race. Before I knew it I was swimming back toward the shore then headed into transition.
16:28 (2014-18:07)

photo credit: Tyler
photo credit: Tyler

T1. I don’t really remember much about the transitions, I really need to write this stuff down (or recap on the blog sooner). I took my time, a sip of water and headed toward the bike out sign.
1:34 (2014-2:37)

The bike (13 miles). Woohoo! The bike was FUN. The course is fast and flat, which is right up my alley. Much of it was a blur because I was focused, but I do remember actually passing other athletes this time, instead of being the one being passed like in 2014.  Before I knew it I was headed back into transition, ready to run.
41:13 (2014-43:40)

T2. I racked my bike, took a sip of water, put on my shoes and headed out!
1:59 (2014-1:29)

headed out on the run
headed out on the run (photo credit: Tyler)

 The run (3.5 miles). I enjoyed the run so much this time around. Sure, it was warm and my legs were tired from the bike (and a lot of kicking on the swim) but I managed to squeak out a faster run than 2014.
35:19 (2014-35:32)

yards from the finish line!
yards from the finish line! (Photo credit: Tyler)

Total time: 1:36:31 (2014-1:41:26)

Thank you to the my favorite sherpa-Tyler-for making sure my bike is always ready to go and taking some really great race pictures.


…and making sure I get some ice cream at some point on race day 🙂

soft serve from Sara’s is a must when you visit Erie

What is your favorite post race treat?

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