Loudoun 10K Trail Race

Last Sunday I ran the Loudoun 10K Trail Run in Middleburg, Virginia. All of the proceeds from the race went to the Boulder Crest Retreat, which “provides a free retreat for wounded warriors to recover and reconnect with their families.” This year, there was over $40,000 donated to Boulder Crest, and a $5,000 donation made to Pets for Vets (info obtained from L1oKTR website).

Well, to say I ran it is a bit of a stretch, it was more like run until the uphills then hike up the hills. This was my first real trail race and it was definitely a challenge, but it was FUN. 


Race morning Tyler and I arrived at packet pickup about one hour before the race started and quickly got our bibs and mug. Yep, instead of a t-shirt we received a really nice mug with the race logo on it. Very cool, especially since race shirts are usually hit or miss and you can never have too many mugs (in this coffee lover’s opinion).


The race started off slowly, mainly due to the narrow trail and trying to file 175-ish runners down the path. It was nice because it ensured I wouldn’t take off too fast…but who am I kidding I planned to go slow because 1. hills and 2. I didn’t want to turn an ankle/injure myself before the Key West Triathlon. Luckily it hadn’t rained a lot so it wasn’t slippery/muddy except around the small creek crossings (I think there were 2 or 3). The miles kind of flew by between conversation with Tyler and other runners and to be honest, not caring about the pace. 

Of course it wasn’t all happy and fun and yay! running. It did get tough at times. It was either my mind wanted to run, but my legs weren’t having it or vice versa. I fell twice, but only ended up with a few scrapes and bruises. The last hill was a doozy. The race director even said so…and this was at the start of the hill…


Of course I had to take a picture with my new friends.

Once we reached the top of the hill, we ran it in to the finish line, got some snacks and headed out.

Final time: 1 hr, 18 minutes, 8 seconds. I would say “ouch” at this time, but this race wasn’t about time for me, it was more about filling up my mental toughness bank, which it definitely did. 

I can’t say enough good things about the volunteers and race staff-they were all wonderful out on the course encouraging everyone to keep going and to not give up. I love the running community so much!

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