KW TRI Training: 10/31-11/6

Now that we’re finally moved in and unpacked, it’s time to turn my training up a notch. Over the next few weeks I’m really looking forward to things finally coming together and almost getting some solid training in. I’m linking up for the Weekly Wrap with Tricia and Holly.


Monday. AM: Three “easy” miles watching the sunrise. Why the easy in quotes? Because easy was on the schedule, but going from running on completely flat roads for the past fiver years to all the hills is NOT easy for this gal….but at least I had this gorgeous view while I was struggling to get up those hills! 3 miles-30:47-10:16/mile


PM: lots of R8 rolling and Jasyoga–left IT band was a bit angry after the hilly run.


Tuesday. Rest day. I unpacked and organized the house…though, I could consider this a strength workout with all of the lifting and going up and down stairs.

Wednesday. Started the day with a 3 mile run around the neighborhood, it felt a little easier than Monday’s hilly run. The sunrises have been on point this week. 3 miles-30 minutes-10:00/mile


Thursday. When it’s 70 degrees by 10am in November, you ride outside! I hit the W&OD trail from the Purcellville end and rode to Transition Tri in Leesburg. It’s roughly 20 miles round-trip. I, however, had some Garmin issues and didn’t realize it until almost the halfway point that I was really only timing my ride, so I just have a timed ride of 1 hr 28 minutes and 22 seconds. I also forgot that it’s almost all downhill going out…making it mostly uphill coming back. Whew! Still, it was nice to be outside riding.


After the ride I returned home and enjoyed the Jasyoga Post-Ride Lower Body Reset outside, stretching my hip flexors and making me feel like I wasn’t in that riding position for almost 90 minutes.


Friday. Rest day. Tyler returned home from a work trip so most of the day was spent picking him up and running errands. We did, however have a coffee date at Green Lizard Cycling, this cool bike/coffee shop  in Herndon, and walked on the W&OD for a couple of miles.

Saturday. It was chilly in the morning so Tyler and I decided to ride in the afternoon. We did the same route as I did on Thursday, but a bit faster 🙂 It’s nice to ride with someone who is faster than you to push you a little out of your comfort zone. We rode to Transition Tri again, but then walked up the road for an iced latte at King Street Coffee where I changed from my long sleeve jersey with a vest to just my vest. Being new to this whole cold weather cycling thing makes dressing for the activity tricky! I didn’t realize I would heat up so quickly. Luckily the vest was comfortable as just a top and my jersey folded down nicely into its pocket.


Sunday. Loudoun 10K Trail Race. For someone who doesn’t trail run, that was a tough race! I’m happy to report I escaped with ZERO injuries and only fell twice. Recap coming later this week!


So…I missed my swims. Ugh. I thought I’d get back on track last week but-shocker-moving sucks the life out of you. BUT now that the move is completely finished (!!!) I’m confident I’ll be back in the pool this week.

How did you training go last week?


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