F5 2.0: Five Things About Me

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Fairytales and Fitness and Running On Happy for another edition of the Friday Five 2.0. Here are five fun facts you may or may not know about me!

1.  If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter, you know I love coffee and hunt down a good local shop whenever I can. However, I did not start drinking coffee until I was 30. Before that, it was all tea all the time. I’m guessing it had to do with sipping some of my parent’s Maxwell House as a child and thought all coffee tasted that horrible.

post-run latte
post-run latte

2. I can only do two things well with my right hand: throw a frisbee and use a computer mouse. Total lefty here. In fact, the only person in my immediate-ish family (mom, two sisters, nephews, niece, uncle!) who isn’t a lefty was my dad, which is the sole reason why I can use a mouse with my right hand. Frisbee throwing? No idea how that came about. 

3. I’m never late. To anything. In fact even if I try to make an effort to show up right on time for something I’m always at least 5 minutes early. I’ve just decided to own it and bring always have a book or magazine to read while waiting for whatever/whomever I’m waiting for. 

4. The only thing I request on my birthday is a Funfetti birthday cake. Yep, every year since the mid-90s I’ve enjoyed that mix from the box complete with the frosting from a can on my special day (thanks ma :). It used to gross my husband out, and to that I questioned if he is human or not. 

5. I have the most irrational fear of butterflies. Not sure why-never had a tragic event involving butterflies but I just don’t like them fluttering around me.  

What is one fun fact about you?

16 thoughts on “F5 2.0: Five Things About Me

  1. Wow. I also revealed that I am a lefty in my post. And, my husband has a fear of butterflies, so much so that it’s a family joke, but there is a family story about it. I never even tried my dad’s Sanka but I’m sure that if I had I wouldn’t have liked it! 🙂


  2. I grew up in a house that everyone was always late. After I moved out I have an obsession of being on time. It doesn’t happen 100%, but very close to it. I’d rather be early then late. It’s funny any time I go to my parents house, I can’t seem to get out of there on time. It’s something about that house that causes everyone to be late.


    1. That’s too funny! It was always drilled into my head “the early bird gets the worm” by my parents and I guess it just stuck.


  3. I’m always early as well! It annoyed me so much in college because the members of the organization I was a part of were chronically 15 minutes late and I was always 15 early, so I was sitting around for 30 minutes before anything got started!


    1. Wow! Yeah tardiness is not good in a group setting-I left the last running club I belonged to because half of the members were chronically late, causing the workouts to start late!


  4. Afraid of butterflies? that is an interesting one!

    I deeply admire those who are always on time for events! You guys are awesome!!

    Now I’m craving funfetti cake! I think i’ll make funfetti pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.


    1. Yeah…I have no idea why about the butterflies, they just give me the creeps. Pretty to look at in still pictures though 🙂 Ohhh funfetti pancakes…yep, you just made my breakfast decision!


  5. “5. I have the most irrational fear of butterflies. Not sure why-never had a tragic event involving butterflies but I just don’t like them fluttering around me.”

    I HAVE A FEAR OF BUTTERFLIES, TOO!!!! They’re unpredictable. Like, where’s it going now?! And what if it lands on me?! #duckandcover


    1. Right?! They just flutter around without regard to where they are and oh lady, I don’t even want to think about it landing on me!


  6. Funfetti is my favorite cake as well. I love the icecream too! I can only write with my right and bat right. But everything else I do with my left, throw, kick, eat, etc. I am the only one in my family that is a lefty. I remember when I was younger my dad wanted me to take up softball and I kept throwing with my left. He told me if I buy you a mitt for left handers you better not switch hands. I guess they were more expensive then the other mitts. But I never switched, and until this day I still am.


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