Off-Season Plans

I still have about a month until my off-season starts but today I’m linking up with the gals at Tuesday on the Run-Marcia, Erika and Patty to talk about winter cross-training.

Crossing the finish line at the Key West Olympic triathlon on December 3rd marks the beginning of two full weeks of unstructured workouts. I’ll swim/bike/run when I want to or I’ll just do a ton of yoga. No pace goals, no swim drills, no hill repeats…..the point is, just casually do what I love to do without a schedule 🙂

Since I’m still planning my 2017 season, I’m not sure when training will start ramping back up for triathlon, but I am registered for the Rock n Roll DC half marathon in March. Training begins December 19th and since I’m just using the race as a reason to keep moving through the winter, there are no time goals. I’m actually thinking about trying MAF training again since I don’t have to worry about pace (goal for RnRDC is to finish uninjured).

In addition to training for the half, I’m going to get to the pool 4-5 times a week. I recently had a swim assessment done (more on this later) and I could use a lot of work on my form. I was advised that by only swimming three times a week I’m not going to see any significant improvement and the minimum should be FOUR swims a week.

Other plans include strength training and lots of yoga to fix some imbalances I have. And since I’m now living in an area that actually gets enough snow to snowshoe, I’m definitely looking forward to playing in the snow!

So there you have it, my off-season plans.

Edited to add, also linking up with Peaches + Salt link party today. I love joining in on link ups 🙂


What are your off-season plans? What is your favorite way to cross-train during the winter months?

7 thoughts on “Off-Season Plans

  1. Sounds like a great plan! It’ll be nice to just run/workout when you want vs. being on a strict schedule…my marathon is on November 20 so I’m just a few weeks away from the off-season!


  2. Interesting point about swimming. Clearly I’ll need to hit the pool more often if I ever hope to improve. You’re the second person today to mention RnRDC. That one’s on my bucket list!


    1. I thought 3x/week was enough, because I ran 3x/week when I first started out and improved so quickly! This will be my first time running RnRDC, looking forward to it!


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