Training Update (Er…Lack of Training Update)

Not much of a training recap here, just checking in.

I’m just going to say it: I can’t wait until this move is over (THIS WEEK!!). I can’t seem to get it together in the training department. I’ve been working more than usual because the next two months of work are going to be minimal then coming home and packing everyday…..on top of getting my school work done. Ugh. Excuses, I know, and I know people do far more training with busier schedules….but we’re all different.  Unfortunately training was just not a priority over the past two weeks.

Weeks three and four have been….minimal. There has been some swimming, running and Jasyoga…..but not as much time on the bike. As in ONE ride over the past two weeks. Yikes.

On this past weekend, Tyler and I went to Fort Monroe and Jamestown NPS sites and walked-a lot. It felt good to be out in the fresh air and take a break from everything, including stressing about not getting training in. It was mental reset I needed and it had me looking forward to what’s to come.

And as of yesterday afternoon we’re actually all packed up. Super excited that I’ll be able to get back into a regular routine this week!!

Onward to week FIVE and new adventures!




4 thoughts on “Training Update (Er…Lack of Training Update)

    1. Haha yes 🙂 But it should be a bit easier since we’re only unpacking a portion of our things and the rest is going into storage. We’ll have to get together for a run soon!!


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