Dear {Food} Diary: 10/12/16

A page taken from my food journal this week. 

Wednesday 10/12/16
Work 8:00a-4:30p (45 minute commute each way)
Scheduled workout 40 min bike, 25 min run

Wake up 5am, stay in bed until 5:30 alarm goes off.

5:40a-hot green tea (caffeinated)-coffee’d out from the weekend, decided to go with tea

6:45a-2 eggs, scrambled; 2 slices of Ezekiel bread with butter-ugh, did not meal prep since I was out of town until  yesterday evening, did not have any fruit to go with breakfast!.

6:55a-nevermind, I want coffee, not really experiencing that morning pep I usually have. 12 oz coffee with coconut creamer and rushed out the door-drank about 1/2 of it in the car on the way to work.

8:45a-drug rep breakfast at work-I love breakfast so the eggs, bacon and potatoes were hard to resist, but instead I enjoyed about 1 cup of cantaloupe and strawberries since I missed out on fruit with my breakfast 🙂

12:30p-I did eat the drug rep lunch since it was salad-I had greens with carrots, peppers, cucumbers, a hard boiled egg, a sprinkle of cheese and some ranch dressing. Also, I had a handful of bbq kettle cooked chips.

1:30p-hot chocolate-it was FREEZING in the office and needed to warm up-note to self, bring a stash of tea bags for next time.

4:30p-Knowing I have a workout this evening and dinner was going to be a bit later than usual, I had a Clif nut butter filled bar-chocolate hazelnut on the way home from work. It was just the amount of pre-evening workout fuel and it was delicious.

7:15p-leftover shredded bbq chicken (homemade), steamed broccoli and a small scoop of refried beans (we’re in the homestretch before our move, meals are going to get a little creative as we try to eat down what we have).

8:00p-Still hungry. 1 slice of Ezekiel break with butter did the trick.

Water-3-20 oz bottles at work +8 oz on the trainer + 12 oz at dinner

There’s room for improvement, I know, that’s what I’m working on without being too restrictive/obsessive about what I eat. 

2 thoughts on “Dear {Food} Diary: 10/12/16

  1. So something that I do when it gets freezing in the office (which is all the time), I just drink warm water. We have a water dispenser here that douses out cold and hot water. I do a half and half to make it warm. I’ll add a tea bag if I remember them (which is rarely) but it helps to get my water intake up when I’m in the office.


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