Key West Olympic Training: Week 2

How did getting in the morning workouts go last week? Well….not so great. I should’ve known with a new, longer commute coupled with a weekend of painting training was going to be sub-optimal…it started out pretty good though.

Monday (planned:rest) actual: rest, but with some foam rolling, using the R8 on my IT bands and calves and Jasyoga 5-minute shoulder, neck, hip and quad reset videos. Total time: 30 minutes

maintenance tools
maintenance tools

Tuesday (planned:swim 1200m, run 45 minutes) actual: Swim 1200m (intervals with 10-20 sec rests), 30:49.

5am swim-so good!
5am swim-so good!

Run 45 minutes, 4.69 miles (9:36 pace). My legs felt really good from the start of this run, so I pushed the pace a little bit compared to last week’s runs. I ran in Colonial Williamsburg, which is a nice change from my normal neighborhood running loop…especially since tourist season is over–just look at the empty roads in the pictures below 🙂 🙂 Also, the weather was amazing-low 70s, no humidity and partly sunny. Oh fall, can you please stick around a bit longer this year?

img_7058 img_7063

Wednesday (planned 45 min bike, 20 min run) actual: rest. womp womp. I slept in (well, for a work day-I slept till 6am) then packed my car with more boxes after work. I was tired and a rest day felt right.

Thursday (planned:rest) actual: rest. Ugh, I actually wanted to get up and at least get a bike ride in. I decided again to sleep in a bit because I had a 3 1/2 hour drive to northern Virginia after work this evening.

Friday (planned: 45 min run) actual: {insert angry face here} I’m very happy we are moving, don’t get me wrong but these marathon painting weekends are destroying my training. Fortunately this was the last one until after Key West so weekends will get back to regular workouts.

Saturday (planned:1500m swim, 90 min bike) actual: see Friday. The living room/hallway walls and ceiling were in such bad shape we had to prime them twice. So that was the day. Definitely got my shoulders/triceps burning from painting the ceiling, which felt nice. Bonus, I got to stream Ironman Kona and watch some of the most amazing athletes in the world compete. Definitely an inspiring event!

Women's champion Daniela Ryf!
Women’s champion Daniela Ryf jumping across the finish line!
Men's champion Jan Frodeno!
Men’s champion Jan Frodeno!

Sunday (planned:55 min run) actual: nap, then a 3 mile dog walk. Thankfully, the painting is finish and all we have to do is move furniture from our apartment two weeks!

Weekly Totals:
Swim: 1200 meters, 30:49
Bike: zip, as in ZERO 😦
Run: 4.69 miles, 45 minutes

Training Cycle Totals:
Swim: 3500 meters, 30:49 + (untimed swims)
Bike: 45 minutes
Run:  2 hrs, 15 min; 13.4 miles

Goal for this week: Just get the workouts in. Don’t focus on pace, time of day, just find a way to get the training in.

6 thoughts on “Key West Olympic Training: Week 2

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in our workouts with everything else we have going on with life! Try and do what you can… we do this stuff because it’s “fun” to push ourselves! And great job for the rehab/prehab you did on Monday!


  2. How amazing was Lange at Kona?! And Ryf was phenomenal! So much fun to watch the live stream. 🙂
    Moving is tough and messes with your schedule. You’ll get back on track this week!


    1. OMG Lange’s finish was amazing, as was Rinny’s comeback to get 2nd! Yes, this week is definitely the “get back on track week,” and luckily there’s no more painting until after Key West!


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