Bucket List Races

Today I’m linking up for the Friday Five gals and Tuesday on the Run ladies (on a Friday). I finally caught up with blogging and saw the TotR topic was bucket list races this week and wanted to play along. 

Now, for the top 3 races on my bucket list:

Lobsterman Olympic. triathlon + lobster + Maine = happy Stacey. Oh and it’s in Freeport, home of L.L. Bean, one of my favorite companies.

Total tourist moment...but I just had to
Total tourist moment…but I just had to

Ironman Hawai’i 70.3…another race on the Big Island. I LOVE Hawai’i and I can’t wait to get back there. 

Hawai'i sunrises are the best
Hawai’i sunrises are amazing

USAT Age Group Nationals (wherever it may be the year I qualify). Yep, you have to qualify to get to race this one. I really enjoy the Olympic and sprint distances and hope to continue to improve next season. Lots of hard work ahead of me, but I know I can do it!

Dream come true race:
Ironman KONA. The ultimate bucket list race for a triathlete.  I have to mention this because this race is happening tomorrow and you’d better believe I’ll be streaming it live starting at 12:25pm and dreaming about racing IMWC Kona on the Big Island one day.  But first…I have to qualify. This is definitely a big-scary,long-term, life-goal kind of dream because it takes a TON of commitment, sacrifice and heart to make it to Kona. You know what they say, dream big 🙂

Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway for days
by far, my favorite place to ride

And while this doesn’t actually involve running the race, a race-related bucket list item of mine is to spectate the Boston Marathon. Just watching the race on my laptop I get chills and all the feels, I can’t even imagine being there in person. The energy is just incredible.

What is one race on your bucket list?

8 thoughts on “Bucket List Races

  1. I feel like there is a big Bucket List race for every discipline- for triathletes its Kona, for marathoners its Boston and for those of us in the obstacle racing world, its the OCR World Championships. I’m kind of branching out next year though and trying a bunch of different races, including a Ragnar Trail relay and my first triathlon- so maybe one day I’ll share that Kona dream of yours 😉


  2. Fun topic!
    Kona is on my bucket list for spectating. To be honest, I don’t think that I’d want to participate (I don’t say ‘race’ because… it wouldn’t be racing for me!) because I hate, hate, hate wind! And, I know that you never know what you’re going to get come race day, but it seems that for Kona, you DO know that you’ll get some wind.
    I’d love to do an international race one of these days (and IM Canada doesn’t count!) – especially in the Alps or Iceland. That would be amazing.


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