Key West Olympic Training: Week 1

Last week I started training for the Key West Olympic tri, taking place on December 3rd. For the next 10 weeks I’ll be sharing my weekly training log and weekly goals.

Week of 9/26
Goal of the week: Know your training schedule. Okay, for the most part this worked well. I did have a couple of last minute scheduling conflicts that resulted in missed workouts….which made it easy to come up with this coming week’s goal (see below).

Monday (planned:rest) actual: run 40 minutes. 3.85 miles/10:25 pace.

evening miles
sweaty evening miles

Tuesday (planned:swim 1200m, 40 minute run) actual: swim intervals-1200m-done-about 25 minutes, forgot my watch at home so I relied on the very foggy pool clock.


Wednesday (planned:45 minute bike) actual: rest. Moved ride to Friday because I really wasn’t feeling cycling after work, probably because I found out at the end of the day I was working trauma instead of the cushy pain management clinic that I had been working.

Thursday (planned:30 min run) actual: Jasyoga morning meditation. I had to work ortho trauma clinic on Thursday so I needed to mentally ready myself for a long day. I came home, walked the dogs with Tyler and went to bed. Sleep > 30 minute run.

Friday (planned:rest) actual: 45 minute easy ride on the trainer. Entertainment was a rerun of NBC’s 2015 Kona coverage, which kept my mind off how much I hate the trainer. (Just a timed ride, no distance)

Saturday (planned:1000m swim, 75min bike) actual: rest, kind of. A lot of heavy lifting and packing and running errands. Can’t wait till this move is over-four more weeks!


Sunday (planned:50 min run) actual:
Morning: 30 minutes strength training (did the machine circuit) at the gym followed by a 1100 meter swim (500 m swim-100 m kick-500 m swim).

working on one of my swimming weaknesses: kicking
working on one of my swimming weaknesses: kicking

Afternoon: 50 minute run, 4.86 miles/10:18 per mile pace…complete with negative splits —-> 10:38, 10:24, 10:20, 10:07 and 8:31 (!!!) for the last .86 mile! Judging by the last (almost) mile pace, I was going a bit too hard for a scheduled easy run. I actually felt the most comfortable at the 10:07, it felt just the right pace for an easy run for me.

Weekly/Training Cycle Totals:

Swim: 2300 yards (time unknown)
Bike: 45 minutes (distance unknown)
Run: 90 minutes, 8.71 miles

Goal for this week: MORNING WORKOUTS!!! After a day at work I am mentally and physically drained (probably more mentally) and the last thing I want to do is go out to the pool or get on the bike trainer. Running, stretching and yoga usually help after a long day because they are quite therapeutic. Getting my swim and bike workouts done in the morning will ensure I actually get them in! I am a morning person, after all.

How did your training go last week?


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