Five Lessons I Learned During My First Olympic Triathlon

Happy Friday! I’m linking up for the Friday Five with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia. While I was writing my race recap for the REV3 Williamsburg Olympic, it struck me that I had learned a few lessons during that race.

1. Do more bricks/transition runs.  I can probably count on one hand the number of bricks I did during training. Yikes. My legs felt like LEAD on the run.

seriously, it was like my feet were kettlebells.

2.  Practice transitions. Swim to bike/bike to run. During the race it can get pretty hectic, making it easy to forget something or slowing way down in transition making sure you don’t forget something. Practice makes for faster transitions! 

3. Wear socks on the run. The extra seconds I saved by not putting socks on after the bike were definitely not worth it. It was blister city on the balls of my feet and I had to tape my feet for a few days after just so I could wear shoes and socks to work.

mid-day bandage change at work
mid-day bandage change at work

4. Strength train and do more core work.  My back started hurting toward the end of the bike ride, likely due to a weak core and lack of strength training. I recently picked up Strength Training For Triathletes by Patrick Hagerman Ed.D. and can’t wait to really dig into it during the off season. For now, I’m doing some basic strength training and the Dozen for core work.

5. I really, really love this sport. The people, the training, the race….everything. I can’t wait until the Key West Olympic in December and for the 2017 season!!


Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Five Lessons I Learned During My First Olympic Triathlon

  1. What a great accomplishment ! And its so important to take a step back and think about lessons learned. To avoid blisters I hydrate my feet every night with some thick foot cream. Works great… but not sure if it would have worked without socks. Yowza !


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