New Training Cycle: Key West Olympic Tri

The first full week of Key West Olympic tri training begins today!

love this place, can't wait to get back there...also, it's amazing how far camera phone technology has come since 2008
love this place, can’t wait to get back there…also, it’s amazing how far camera phone technology has come since 2008

I’m really excited for this race because 1) I love Key West and 2) I can actually set goals, unlike my first Olympic (REV3 Williamsburg) where my main goal was to just finish. 

I don’t have any time goals in mind just yet as it is 10 weeks out….but I know I definitely want a faster 10K time and of course a PR.

After making the tough decision to DNS (did not start) my fall triathlons due to moving, I took a couple weeks off from any structured training. It was nice to have a little time “off” and do what I felt like doing, but after the first week off I was to have a training schedule again.

During those two weeks off from training, I reviewed old training logs/journals from earlier this season and noticed a few problems I had within those training cycles. Being inconsistent, focusing on pace only and freaking out about how slow I was compared to others, eating issues, etc….So this time around, I’m focusing on not comparing and being consistent with my training amongst other issues I had earlier this year.

Enter: the weekly goal. Not goals like “get all the workouts in” or “hit xx:xx pace for x miles,” speed can be addressed next season. Yes, above I said want a PR and a faster 10K time, but that comes with better, more consistent training. The goals I’m talking about are specific to making me a well-rounded triathlete, which will eventually pay off at the races.

Goal for this week:  Know your training schedule.
Previously, I never reviewed my training plan unless I knew there was a potential scheduling conflict like travel. I would just rely on the daily email from my coach/training plan and figure out how to fit it in or if there was another day that would work better and swap the workouts. Of course this would result in missed workouts if I couldn’t figure it out. Definitely had a “f*ck it” attitude at times.

How am I going to meet my goal?  Sunday afternoons will be spent with my planner, training/work schedules and

planner + superhero muffin + tea makes for a great Sunday afternoon
planner + superhero muffin + tea makes for a great Sunday afternoon

Next Monday I’ll start posting weekly recaps of training and if I met my goal….stay tuned!

Do you set weekly goals?

2 thoughts on “New Training Cycle: Key West Olympic Tri

  1. Setting weekly goals is a great way to do tri training. I haven’t done much with triathlons in the last year because I have a hard time fitting it all in. It’s a great idea and something I will keep in mind for next season. Good luck!!


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