TotR: Rituals and Rewards

Today I’m linking up for Tuesdays on the Run with Erika, Marcia and Patty and we’re talking about post race or long run rituals and rewards. 

I think it’s necessary to reward yourself for a job well done. It doesn’t need to cost anything or it can be a total splurge, but during and after a long season of training it’s nice to treat yourself.

img_5684-pngokay, I finished…waffles and soft serve please!

Lattes. Oh my I love a good latte. Especially on post run or ride…or swim. Preferably from a small, local coffee shop, but when in Newport News, Starbucks will do too. Ritual.

img_6043  post run latte and doughnut after a run in Seattle

Gummy bears, soft serve and doughnuts. I’ve got a sweet tooth and nothing satisfies it like these three things. I have cut back, but after a long run or ride, these always hit the spot. Total reward.

img_5683  all the candy toppings please…

Jasyoga. This definitely falls under the ritual and reward category. Not only does Erin help me reset my body and get it ready for the next workout, the routines also help reset my mind. The $4.99 per month is a very small price to pay for easy-to-follow yoga routines whenever you want instead of having to rely on a class schedule. Currently, the quick post-run reset, post-run hip reset, all of the cycling videos and the 5-minute shoulder reset are my favorites.


Waffles with maple syrup.  Do I even need to explain? Reward, because I only eat this meal after races.


A new something….this is usually after a big race, at the start of a training season, or after a big week of training (I have yet to really experience this but something I see happening in 2017). This something can be anything from a new pair of Oofos, a pair of Oiselle Rogas or a new hat/visor. If I performed particularly well during a race and I’m feeling reeeeeallly generous, I may splurge on a new Coeur tri kit.


How do you treat yourself after a race or tough workout?

6 thoughts on “TotR: Rituals and Rewards

  1. I’ve got a weakness for gummy bears too! So delicious but definitely a special occasion treat 🙂 My post-race treat tends to be brunch and then a massage during the week following the race.


  2. I definitely have a sweet tooth which can get me into some trouble! I can’t seem to stay away from candy and sweets these days!


  3. After a race I usually treat myself to a glass of wine or a massage. I like gummy bears too but I don’t like putting them on my frozen yogurt bc they get hard. Sometimes on my long run I will take them. I feel a little less guilty eating them if I am running longer.


  4. After a race I treat myself to a nap. Haha! But really, I do. And then I have my husband #ORDERALLTHEFOOD. I don’t even care what it is, as long as I don’t have to cook it. 🙂


  5. I’d be all over that latte and donut…and the fro yo…for some reason I always seem to end up with a juicy burger post race. I’m all about foot pampering too. Pumice, cooling gel, massage, all of it.


  6. I’ve had one too many splurges this training cycle haha, but yolo I suppose. My post marathon meal is a burger and a beer…funny b/c I only crave a beer after running a marathon..usually not my drink of choice.


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