Moving to NoVa!

On Tuesday I posted my fall racing schedule and by Friday, that all changed. I will not be doing the September triathlons (Giant Acorn and Outer Banks Olympics) I have originally planned on doing because we’re moving!

Yep, we’re moving back to the Northern Virginia area after living in Hampton Roads (southeastern Virginia) for the past five years. The house we’re moving into is actually my mom’s and it needs so much work before we get in there, so I’ll be spending those weekends cleaning, painting (as in, the entire house) and squeezing in my long(ish) runs somewhere in between.

There are a few reasons for the move:  Tyler is finished with grad school and is ready to move on to what’s next for his career. There’s a job that he is currently being considered for (sounds very promising that he will get hired) and we didn’t want to renew our lease only to have to pay an extra month’s rent get out of it three months later. When my mom gave us the okay that we can move in for a long-term stay, we decided it was the right thing to do. Luckily, the classes I’m taking are online through the Virginia community college system and I get to continue doing them after the move.

I’ll admit, at first I felt a little embarrassed about moving back in with my mom at 33 years old, but it’s what’s best for the time being. I’ve been practicing not giving two f*cks about what others think so I got over that embarrassment relatively quickly.

I’m really looking forward to training with new people and running clubs (not too many great ones where I live/actually getting to regularly run races with and attend Oiselle Volée meetups!!), as well as getting stronger running hills, actual snow this winter (fingers crossed) and the W&OD (a bike/running trail about 5 minutes from where I’ll be living).

So the focus is now onto the Richmond Half Marathon in November. More on training for that race later this week…



4 thoughts on “Moving to NoVa!

  1. That’s very exciting! I moved into my parents before I bought my house for the same reason of not wanting to renew my lease. It’s all good and you are right not to care about what people think. I’m sad to hear that you will miss those tris but there is always other races to be excited for. Good luck with your move, it sounds great!!


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