Weekly Sweat Report: 6/20-6/26

Good morning!IMG_5279

Week two of Outer Banks Olympic triathlon training is complete! Here’s how it went:


After work I hit the outdoor pool in my neighborhood for a 1200 yard swim/drills. I was so excited that there were no thunderstorms in the forecast so I could swim outside. The outdoor swimming is definitely helping with the “I don’t like to swim” issue. It’s just so refreshing to jump into a cold pool and having fresh air to breathe in, instead of jumping into a super-chlorinated, 82+ degrees pool. I’m still on the slower side, but for now I’m not focusing on speed at all, just good form and endurance.
1,200 yards/28:24 (including planned rest intervals)


Once again the weather gods blessed me with fantastic weather, so I was able to get my ride in after work. I was working in Williamsburg so I took advantage of being close to some great cycling: the Colonial Parkway. I took off out of Jamestown and rode for 45 minutes. I definitely still need to work on hill climbing, as soon as I hit the hills right before Williamsburg my pace slowed significantly.
45 minutes/12.43 miles/16.5 mph


Womp womp, thunderstorms came into town all day Wednesday so I missed out on my swim that I had planned for after work. Hey, they can’t all be perfect days right?
I did get the Dozen in along with some foam rolling.


the bike I started on

As the thunderstorms continued into the morning, I was forced to ride my bike on the trainer. Not a fan, but I put on Frankie and Grace (on Netflix) and watched until my 50 minutes were up.
With SEVEN minutes to go I noticed it was getting harder to pedal, then I started hearing a soft grinding sound-pretty sure I said a few explicit words because my rear tire was completely flat. I briefly thought about just calling it quits, but I quickly put my other bike on the trainer and finished the 50 minutes.

the bike I finished on

50 minutes-I didn’t use my Garmin, just a stopwatch so no other stats.


That afternoon, sun came out and I hit the Noland Trail for my run. I gotta admit, I’m definitely NOT a trail runner. It was nice, however, to get a change of scenery and some shade. I intended on doing the entire run on the trail but jumped off on the pavement for the last 1.5 miles, well because I felt like it. I tried like hell to stick to MAF heart rate pace but it became a bit discouraging when I had to slow to a walk on some of the hills.

the Noland Trail
the Noland Trail
the James River
the James River

51:24/4.47 miles/11:30 pace

Definitely came home and foam rolled/stretched-a lot. My IT bands and hips were a bit tight after that run.



Since I didn’t get my Wednesday swim in, I decided to get that done on Friday. I hit the neighborhood pool for 1400 yards of freestyle intervals.
1400 yards/34:55 (including planned rest intervals)

That afternoon I also did the Dozen and foam rolled some more because I had a big training weekend coming up.

all the recovery gear
all the recovery gear


I had planned on doing my scheduled workout of a 2 hour bike ride followed by a 20 minute run in today. Tyler and I decided to ride the Colonial Parkway from Yorktown to get some more hill practice in. We headed in the direction we normally go, but were rerouted onto a route 17, a busy road that was part of a detour to the parkway. About three miles in I heard a pffffffffft behind me, so I looked and Tyler had come to a stop. He must have run over something because he had a pinky nail-sized hole in his tire! It was a bummer, but it happens. Luckily, even though we were three miles in, because of the detour we were actually only one mile from the car. We walked back and hit the farmers market before heading back home.

So, plans changed and I hit the pool to get in my third swim of the week. I was scheduled for 1700 yards of drills/swim intervals but somewhere in there did an extra 100 yards-can’t hurt! I also wanted to get some swimming done in my skinsuit, since the swim at REV3 Williamsburg will likely not be wetsuit legal. Not sure if I’ll go with the skinsuit or just my kit, but it was very comfortable and I didn’t have any chafing (note-I did apply Vaseline to areas that are prone to chafing).


Since we had to be in Williamsburg later that afternoon to pickup a grocery order, Tyler had the great idea of going to York River State Park for some trail riding. I wasn’t going to do my two hour ride on trails, so I decided to do switch Saturday and Sunday’s workouts. So, 50 minute bike ride followed by a 45 minute run. I entertained his idea, as long as he did my 45 minute run afterward with me. Riding trails is HARD! My legs definitely got a workout, but my mental game got an even bigger one.




Doing a 45 minute run after destroying your legs on a 50 minute hard as hell ride is interesting. Starting out my legs did not want to move, total lead legs. There was a little bit of walking involved to keep my heart rate down but after the first 20 minutes it wasn’t really that bad and we go it done.


After finishing I told Tyler I’d be interested in doing more trail riding, but after tri season 🙂

Swim 1800 yards/44:25
Bike #1 14:44/3.29 miles/13.4 mph; #2 50:02/7.45 miles/8.9 mph (ouch)
Run 45:01/3.66 miles/12:18 pace (ouch, again)

Sunday was wonderful. We met up with our regular riding buddy and headed out on a two hour ride around Yorktown and some surrounding little towns. I love riding here because it’s flat and I can go faster!

somewhere in Seaford
somewhere in Seaford

After the ride, I ran for 20 minutes.

thank goodness for all that shade!
thank goodness for all that shade!


Definitely a strong day, and I’m feeling prepared for Rev3 Williamsburg in TWO weeks!
Bike 2 hrs/31.89 miles/15.9mph
Run 20 min/1.95 miles/10:16 pace

Swim 4400 yards
Bike 51.83 miles + 50 min on the trainer
Run 10.08 miles

Whew that was a wordy sweat report, what a difference getting in ALL the workouts makes 😉

I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap.

How was your week? Do you have any races coming up?

11 thoughts on “Weekly Sweat Report: 6/20-6/26

    1. Don’t feel like a failure for missed runs 🙂 I definitely prefer road running, but the trails are the only way to get a shaded run in around here!


  1. That’s a whole lot of sweaty fitness there. 🙂 I wish I had time to swim more than once a week — I suppose technically I do, but it just seems to eat up so much time, but I think my body definitely enjoys the break.

    I have a 4 mile race on the 4th. Last year we got a break and it was drizzly and cool, but it looks to be warm (although not terrible) this year, so don’t have great expectations except to have a fun time.


      1. Thanks! Right now I think my goal is to hopefully beat my time from the first year I did it.

        Last year was a cool drizzly day — so unusual this time of year — so I’m under no delusions there. It’s a challenging course, but fun!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. You had a very strong week of training! How exciting your next Tri is in two weeks. I’m thinking about another sprint tri in mid July. My swimming is weak and that’s the only distance I want to tackle right now. Would you believe the outdoor pool water here was 90 degrees all week — like bath water. It looks like you’ve got some very nice places to ride and run in your area. Thanks for linking with us Stacey!


  3. You have been kicking it this week! I’m going to get back to a few trail runs when it cools off. There are too many snakes out right now! I love those socks! So cute! Your foam rolling reminds me I so need to get back in the habit of doing this!


    1. Ack snakes!! Though, seeing one probably make me run a lot faster haha 🙂 But really, I avoid the trail on the other side of town that actually has snake warning signs!

      Liked by 1 person

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