Weekly Sweat Report 6/13-6/19

I almost forgot my weekly sweat report recap! Typically I’ll start the post on Monday and just add to it throughout the week, but last week just got away from me.  So, how did week 1 of the Outer Banks Olympic tri training go? 

It started out a bit shaky on Monday when halfway through my swim set I was told I had to move out of my lane, which happens occasionally because of various classes/swim lessons. Fine, I’ll move, no problem…..but there was a problem: only option I was given to continue my swim was in the “multipurpose lane” which translates to “play lane,” and the lifeguard told me, “don’t worry, this is only until June 17th.” It was beyond frustrating because I was having a reeeeeally good swim. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for kids learning how to swim and playing at the pool, but when the pool schedule states “there will ALWAYS be two lap lanes open at any given time.” By the time I vented to Tyler about the problem, I had cooled off and decided to retry the workout on Tuesday (later in the evening, of course, to avoid swim lessons).

Monday total: 650 meters, 14:21/drills + yoga and foam rolling in the morning.

I decided to keep Tuesday as a rest day, as planned, aside from doing some foam rolling and the Dozen. In the past, I would try to make up workouts that fell short or were missed only to get burned out or worse, injured.

Wednesday morning I decided at the last-minute to get my run done instead of waiting until after work, and on this humid morning I was rewarded with running through the sprinklers at the beginning and end of my 30 minute run!


Thursday-my first outdoor swim of the season! I love swimming outdoors so I hit the HOA office and got my annual rec pass then headed to the pool right when it opened. Ahh empty lap lanes and cold water. I got 1,000 yards into my planned 1,900 yard swim then BOOM, thunder. I waited a bit, but when it kept thundering I realized I still had a bunch of stuff at home to do before we left for Northern Virginia that evening, so I headed home.


Friday-25 minute run (2.41 miles) around my mom’s neighborhood, breaking in my new Saucony Zealots.

The Dozen, so I can continue on my quest for strong runner’s abs.

Saturday-holy hills! While the hills in northern Virginia may not be much, they feel like mountains to this gal. I powered up them the best I could and worked toward getting over my fear of 1. riding with traffic and 2. descents. After the ride I did a 15 minute TRX session.


I had planned to hit the W&OD trail for my ride/run before heading back home, but a sick beagle derailed my plans. I was going to get my workout in while Tyler took him to the local vet, but the only available appointment was 9pm, so we decided to head back early incase we needed to get him to his vet at home. By the time we got home, I still needed to meal prep, Tyler still needed to go to the grocery store and we didn’t want to leave Cuey alone incase he worsened. I didn’t get this workout in and I was so disappointed, but sometimes life happens and my dog was more important than a silly workout. Thankfully, Cuey is doing just fine today and he likely just ate something in the yard that didn’t agree with his stomach. I did, however, get the Dozen in before leaving my mom’s house.


So not exactly the week I wanted, but I’m happy with what I got in.

Goals for this week:
1. Get all of my scheduled tri workouts in
2. The Dozen, 3 times
3. TRX, 3 times

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for another the Weekly Wrap.

How did your training go last week?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Sweat Report 6/13-6/19

    1. Thanks-yeah things that just pop up are frustrating but you’re right it happens 🙂 The beags is doing just fine now, in fact as I type this he is chasing his toy around the living room!


    1. I actually don’t mind sharing a lane with another swimmer or two-it’s good practice for races BUT I don’t like sharing with kids jumping in the lane-it’s dangerous! And thank you-my new shoes are neutral 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m so glad Cuey’s feeling better now! You did a good job with flexibility this week. Its important to get workouts in, but also so important to not injure yourself when life happens. (I am very bad at that, myself)
    Next time you’re in NOVA we should do a bike ride or something!


    1. YES! We should definitely do that–I’ll be there the weekend of 7/22, I’m doing the Crystal City Twilight 5K–are you doing that one? I’m always up for a bike ride on the W&OD!


  2. I went out to swim one evening in our back yard and BOOM. I didn’t get that swim in. Your neighborhood pool is nice and big! I am continually turning around in mine but it’s not enough of an irritant to make me go to the Y, yet. My normal cycling route is pretty hilly (at least I think so). But, I really have nothing to compare it to. The next Tri I’m considering is supposed to have a flat ride. Ha — we’ll see. I never trust what they say. I’m glad Cuey is better. Thanks for linking with us Stacey!


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