Weekly Sweat Report: 6/6-6/12

Whew, it’s a good day to be inside blogging instead of outside in that heat!

So last week I caught the running bug, hard. My shin was feeling great and I guess I wanted to make up for the missed running toward the end of May.  I kept my mileage low, nothing longer than 3 miles, but it felt so amazing to just run.


AM-Swim 1100 meters. This was tough to get through especially since I forgot to start my garmin until I was 200 meters in and was so frustrated. “Fake it till ya make it” is what I keep telling myself about the swim (in regard to liking it), but it’s really tough to force myself to the pool these days.

PM-3 mile run in the evening with Tyler. Ah my happy place, running. I’m low heart rate training (MAF method-Amanda at Run to the Finish does an excellent rundown of this way of training), so my pace is definitely slower than I’m used to but it actually makes running in the heat/humidity tolerable. (3 miles, 34:36/11:31 pace/148 average hr)


Planned rest day, however, my legs were begging for a run and I didn’t have any shin pain. 3 miles again in the evening with Tyler. No pain = yes, of course I’ll run 🙂 Another MAF run, but I didn’t feel like wearing the HR strap, so I just did the run by feel/pace (3 miles, 33:57/11:18 pace)


23 minute bike (6.52 miles/17mph pace) + 1 mile run (9:37 pace-no HR training during this run)

IMG_4803Post ride/run

Core workout: The Dozen (OMG this was tough, as always, but I did complete it for the first time ever!).

Rest-foam rolled and stretched.

5K time trial with max/average heart rate data for my coach-aka no MAF heart rate training on this run. This was FUN. I surprised myself by running a 26:12 with negative splits (8:37, 8:27, 8:24 + 7:07 for the last .1). The perfect no-humidity 60 degrees weather definitely helped, but this felt so good and it was so exciting to see actual progress.

IMG_4816never a bad way to start a run….

IMG_4823and a gorgeous way to finish!

Farmer’s market and errands took precedence over my planned morning run, so I moved it to the afternoon. At 95 degrees in the shade, I ran 3 miles slowly, kept hydrated and chose the most shaded route I could find. (33:37/11:12 pace/no HR data recorded).

The Dozen and strength training.

Goals for this week:
-Outer Banks Olympic training cycle, week 1 of 14 starts tomorrow. Embrace the fact that I GET to swim and don’t complain about it, just get it done.
-Core 3x
-yoga/foam roll 2-3x

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap.

What is one goal you have for this week?

19 thoughts on “Weekly Sweat Report: 6/6-6/12

  1. Nice week! I’m starting my Oly training cycle tomorrow, too! So excited. I still haven’t picked a race, but there are three good looking Oly’s the weekend of 9/10-9/11 so one of them should do nicely.
    You need to find your inner mermaid, girl! The pool is where its at! 😉


    1. Thanks!! I’m nervous, but that definitely has to do with the swimming-maybe getting outside to swim will help?! Which Oly’s are you looking??


    1. Yeah, it’s actually a bit frustrating at times and I’m sure as soon as the perfect running weather returns I’ll want to get back to faster running!


  2. MAF training sounds very interesting. I have tried to be more mindful of a having a much lower and specific heart rate on my longer runs. I admit It’s tough to switch my brain to not think about pace. So, kudos to you! I know you must be relieved to not be experiencing any shin pain. Great job on the 5k time trial. Thanks for linking with us Stacey!


    1. Thanks Holly! MAF is so different than anything I’ve ever done and sometimes it’s difficult to see my pace get slower and slower as the run goes on…I’m hoping by the time I’m up to 6+ miles I’ll be more conditioned so I don’t have to slow down to a walk!


  3. Glad you had a good week without the shin pain. I don’t have any specific goals this week except to get in at least one swim. It’s not my favorite either!


    1. Thank you : ) This week I’m trying to put a more positive spin on swimming to get it done-it gives my legs a nice break from all the running and cycling!


  4. Great job with your workouts! I’ve heard of MAF training but never looked into it. This heat is out of control and I hear it’s going to be like this all summer, ugh! Great job with your swim too, I wish I could swim that far!


  5. I have never focused on my heart rate for training runs. I know I should and it would help me greatly but I just haven’t. 😦 Maybe that would be something to look into for the future.
    Oh wow, I took a look at the Dozen workout man that is some kind of workout! Can you say sore abs for several days doing this! Great job on getting you sweat going this week Stacey! Glad you joined us for Weekly Wrap too!


    1. Thank you Tricia! Yes, the Dozen was definitely an ab burner, but I know it will be worth it in the long run 🙂


  6. Great week of workouts! Nice job on your 5K! I’m having to run most of my runs by feel with this heat. I’m trying not to obsess over my pace on my Garmin. My goal is to continue to go strong with the RW Run Streak.


    1. Good job with the run streak!! I admire folks that can do a run streak-I’ve attempted a few times and always end up getting some sort of injury. I like how the MAF training forces me to slow down, especially in this heat!


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