A Day In The {Food} Life

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for another edition of Friday Five. Today I’m giving you some insight on what I eat on a daily basis, listing five things I eat/drink everyday.

Over the past month or so, I’ve started to really dial in on my nutrition, finding out what works for my body and what doesn’t. Please keep part of the previous sentence in mind-what works for my body. I’m finding a decrease in sugar and grains but higher in fat makes my body incredibly happy. I plan to go into more depth on this subject once I have it completely dialed in, but for now here’s peek at five things I eat on a daily basis.

  1. Coffee with whole milk (hot or iced). Coffee is the first thing I’ll make in the morning after walking the dogs.IMG_4780
  2. Eggs-I could eat eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not get sick of them. Lately I’ve been mixing my eggs with zucchini and tomatoes, topping it with a bit of goat cheese and it’s so tasty or mixing eggs with sweet potatoes and salsa.IMG_4778-1
  3. Some sort of fruit or vegetable with a fat/protein-think apples with almond butter or cheese, or cucumbers/carrots with almonds and sometimes some goat cheese.IMG_47404.Green vegetables-broccoli and asparagus are my faves.IMG_4763
  4. A high-quality protein. Think grass-fed beef, free-range chicken or some kind of wild-caught fish. We get our beef and chickens from various farms in Virginia and our fish comes from BJ’s (frozen) or Whole Foods (fresh-when there’s a good sale). I usually pair this with some veg and if it’s been a heavy workout, some sweet potato.IMG_4712

What is one thing you eat everyday?

9 thoughts on “A Day In The {Food} Life

    1. I never thought of eggs with zucchini either but it’s so good-I make a big batch and reheat it before adding it to the eggs 🙂


  1. You had me at eggs mixed with tomatoes and zucchini ! One of my favorite meals ever. I love eggs too… I mix them frequently with peppers.


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