Weekly Sweat Report 5/30-6/5

This was not the week I wanted to have after TWO great weeks of training. I did manage to pick it up toward the end of the week, which was great, but the week started out pretty rough…

After Sunday’s great ride, I actually didn’t feel so great. I was nauseated and dizzy and chalked it up to dehydration. I rehydrated with some Nuun and a little felt better. Then, after my shower I could not get warm and was shivering like crazy and had a slight sunburn. At this point I figured I had some degree of heat exhaustion. It was SO hot on Sunday and we were out on the bike in minimal shade for 3 hours. I stayed inside in the AC for the rest of Sunday and went to bed early.

Monday-REST. A much-needed rest day. I woke up around 2am drenched in sweat, like I had broken a fever. That sealed the deal for me-it was going to be a rest day. Also, my allergies were insane! I had no issues while in Massachusetts but as soon as I got out of the car in Virginia the pollen attacked. With the allergies comes some mild asthma issues so I also decided Tuesday would be a rest day.

Tuesday-REST. See above.

Wednesday-Felt like I was on the upswing of things, but I still decided to just stretch and foam roll on Wednesday since I was still slightly wheezing.

Thursday-Back in action! I finally felt human again, so I ran slow 3 miles in the afternoon to try to heat acclimate some more.


Friday-Rest day-but definitely not a lot of rest-so.many.errands including a Target run for some workout essentials. Vaseline is a triathlete’s best friend as is sunscreen.


Saturday-4 mile run. Another slow run in the heat but felt really good. I’m dabbling with some heart rate training..it’s…interesting to say the least.


Sunday-30 mile ride on the Cap 2 Cap Trail-previewed some of the Rev3 Williamsburg Olympic course. I rode with Tyler and Per, two cyclists that are faster than me which helped me rev up my intensity. I averaged 16.1 mph for 30 miles, which is definitely a personal best. I plan to ride that route a few more times before the race in July, focusing on the Chickahominy River bridge, which seems to always destroy me on the incline.


It was H-O-T and humid and it had rained overnight, so I was covered in sweat and picked up so much puddle dirt on my lower legs. Definitely had to clean up some before I got in the car!


How was your training last week?

5 thoughts on “Weekly Sweat Report 5/30-6/5

  1. You do so well respecting your body. You listen and give it what it needs!
    How’s the HR training going? I think I’m going to do a bit of that come fall/off season once I have some volume under my belt.


    1. Thanks-sometimes I feel like I’m a bit too cautious because of past injuries. I need to find a little balance. I’m only 3 runs into HR training and I’m finding it mentally tough to go that slow. I keep telling myself it takes time and that it will be good for me in the long run!


  2. I had a lot of resting going on last week too.

    And then I sort of rested today. Not really, I’m going for a run this evening and I walked Lola and got groceries . . . but I’d planned on doing more and I just didn’t.

    This back & forth weather between 60s & 80s is just throwing me all off kilter & it’s going to cool down AGAIN.

    Be careful out there!


    1. I would love to see 60 degrees again (that will have to wait till fall), but I get what you’re saying–consistent weather would make training a bit easier.

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