5 Reasons To Run Boston’s Freedom Trail

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for another edition of Friday Five. 

Two weekends ago, while in Boston, I ran the Freedom Trail Run, a guided running tour following a brick path along some of the historical sites in the city of Boston!


From the website:

“Freedom Trail Run is the active way to tour historic Boston! Our unique 5k running tour will show you the sites in an up-close and detailed way that’s unlike any other tour! We don’t just “run by” the sites! We stop to explore 17 major landmarks during our 3.15 mile run!”

Our tour guide, Ginger, was awesome-she was knowledgeable about the history and she seemed genuinely excited to be doing what she was doing.


1. It’s a great way learn about the history of Boston while getting a run in! The longest run length is only 1/2 mile, so it’s doable for most everyone. Plus, there are lots of stops along the way for a breather if needed, and it’s not terribly hilly.


Paul Revere Statue in front of the Old North Church


The USS Consitution, at the end of the tour.

2. It’s early enough in the morning that you won’t get stuck trying to run around other tour groups. Okay, so this is technically a group of tourists….just not your typical group, in my opinion 😉

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 7.23.05 AMOur group of runners in front of the Old State House, site of the Boston Massacre.
Photo Credit


Boston Massacre Site


Unicorn statue on top of the Old State House. Runners-remind of any other unicorns? Our guide, Ginger, said that even though they look similar, the BAA says the statue wasn’t an inspiration for their unicorn 😉

3. Running the hill up to Bunker Hill! Ginger said we can take our time or we can do an all out sprint-I chose the sprint and whew was it hard! It felt nice to get some faster running in after doing a 9-10 minute pace* for most of the run.

IMG_3534Bunker Hill Monument

IMG_3535The hill we ran up to get to Bunker Hill–it doesn’t look steep, but trust me-it is!

4. The ferry ride back (the ticket cost included in the registration fee) provides a gorgeous view of some of the city skyline.


5. The t-shirt is actually very nice-the fabric is super soft and the graphic isn’t obnoxious. 


The details (from the website):
Runs are every Friday afternoon at 2:30p and Saturday/Sunday mornings at 8:30a. (between 11/1-3/31 there’s only a Saturday morning run).  The run lasts about 2 hours.

Cost: $40 per person

If you visit the Boston area and are interested in learning a bit more about the history while running, I would highly recommend this run tour!

Have a great weekend!

Have you done a running tour, if so, where and would you recommend it?

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Run Boston’s Freedom Trail

  1. I’ve never run the freedom trail, but looks like a good route! I typically stick to the Charles or waterfront, but always looking to change my running routes. Thank you and glad you enjoyed Boston! 🙂


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