Weekly Sweat Report: 5/23-5/29

Well, I’m back in Virginia and finally headed back home to the Hampton Roads area in a couple of hours (gotta get back to work tomorrow!). I’m currently sitting in Loco Joe’s, a local coffee shop here in Purcellville, recapping last week and enjoying the tastiest Affogato.

The title of this post should actually be “Weekly Cycling Report” because last week was all about the cycling. I wanted to give my shin a break from running and we were away from the campsite enough that I didn’t get much swimming in.


Speaking of that shin pain…..after waking up with a sore right shin almost everyday, I made the decision to opt out of the Jamestown Olympic. It was tough because I really feel trained for it but it’s also not worth having to put the rest of June and July’s {run} training on hold to heal up a bad case of shin splints. It was also tough because it doesn’t exactly go along with my “live fearlessly” theme for the year, but again, I also need to be smart about listening t my body. So, with that said, the REV3 Williamsburg Olympic will be my first olympic distance tri and I’m super excited for it!

Onto the weekly recap…

Monday I got up early and ran 2.5 miles around the campground and surrounding trails. What a difference a week makes weather-wise here in Massachusetts! A week ago I was wearing tights, long sleeves and a headband and on this run I had on shorts and a tank-it was cool but humid. The run went well, no real shin pain except for some soreness before and after.


After breakfast, Tyler and I headed to the Cape Cod Rail Trail for a ride from Dennis to Chatham. Along the way we saw cranberry bogs and a gorgeous beach, and also stopped at a few shops to browse and get the family some souvenirs.


After the ride we hiked about 3-4 miles around the Cape Code National Seashore.


Right before dinner I hopped in the pool (thank GOODNESS it was heated!) and did some laps and drills. The pool was an odd length (less than 25 yards, not exactly sure how long) so I just swam/did drills for about 20 minutes.


Tuesday active rest day-we went back to Boda Borg and intended on playing for 3-4 hours, but ended up staying six hours! We got stuck on two quests and ended up teaming up with another team to try to beat one of them, but we ran out of time. It is so much fun and I got quite the full body strength workout!

Wednesday On Wednesday we slept in a bit, had breakfast then headed to Martha’s Vineyard for some cycling. You can read all about that day later this week.


Thursday More cycling! This time we rode the entire rail trial, about 44 miles. This was my longest ride in FOREVER and it felt so good!


Friday We had a long trip back to Virginia and I had intended on getting up before leaving to get 2 miles in, but we stayed out pretty late Thursday evening and I wanted to sleep in. We did make a couple of stops at a few national historical sites and walked around quite a bit so we weren’t sitting in the car for 8-10 hrs.

IMG_4539Photo taken while walking around the Weir Farm National Historical Site in Connecticut

Saturday 2 mile run around my mom’s neighborhood. OMG it was HOT!


Sunday We stayed in northern Virginia through the weekend, so I took advantage of having access the W&OD trail and, you guessed it-went cycling! We road just over 40 miles, brining my cycling total to 130 miles for the week!

Part of the W&OD trail on the east end of Ashburn

IMG_4591Thank goodness the local tri shop had a water refill station on the ride back to Purcellville-it was HOT!

How did your training go last week?


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