Weekly Sweat Report: 5/16-5/22

Greetings from camp!


I’ll preface this post by saying this was not a normal week. I wasn’t working and I had no real plans except to just workout and relax. I loved increasing my level of activity and feel like this was the kind of week I needed to keep it up, especially when I get back to Virginia (the real world). That said, let’s jump into this week’s workouts!



I headed to the Minute Man NHP for a run on the trail. SIX miles of running surrounded by some gorgeous scenery.



It was quite chilly at the start of the run-I never thought I’d be wearing tights, long sleeves and a headband in mid-May!





Later in the day I hit the hotel gym for a plyometrics session then got into the pool to do some stretching and figure out how to do my swim workouts for the rest of the week.

IMG_3235My teeny tiny pool for the week had me coming up with some pretty creative workouts.


I woke up with some shin pain on Tuesday.  That morning, I walked on the path around the hotel to the coffee shop (about 1 mile) then hit the hotel gym for a full body strength session.


After the gym I hit the pool for a swim using a stretch cord looped around the pool ladder, attached smaller band around my ankle. It was actually a good workout.



My shin was still tender, so I skipped my run on Wednesday. Instead I again walked to get coffee (took the long way this time, walked about 3 miles) and noted that there wasn’t any worsening pain! Yay! Still decided on no running until the weekend.

IMG_3183the walking path around the hotel area

I spent a lot of time in the gym/pool on Wednesday. I started with 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by an upper body focused lift. Holy sore arms the next day!



After gym time, I hit the pool and did a {modified for pool length} drill I learned during the Rising Tide Swim Challenge: I did a somersault in the water and then did 5 huge strokes, which took me to the opposite wall. Then I swam back and repeated this 10 times. After the drill, I took my stretch cord and did some pulling work with it tethered to the railing.


Wednesday evening Tyler and I hit the Nashua River Rail Trail for a ride and it was wonderful! My average pace was 15 mph (likely due to stopping at intersections), but I did hit 20+ mph for about a 1 mile stretch which was so exciting! Very nice bike trail, we did the entire trail, about 25 miles.




You can read all about Thursday here. I drove up to Old Orchard Beach to cycle some of the REV3 Maine half route. I did 33 miles on the rolling hills of the Saco countryside and loved it!


I did come back and get some pool time in-I finally wised up and turned my music on since the pool was always empty and it was much more enjoyable! I did work with my stretch cord and did a pool core workout.


Friday was more of a relaxed day. Before heading to work, Tyler and I walked the path around the hotel (about 2 miles).

After breakfast, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by a full body strength session.


Then I hit the pool. I made up a little pool circuit that had my shoulders burning by the end!

-Swim 6 laps around the perimeter of the pool–no touching walls/floor and practiced sighting so I wouldn’t bonk my head on the walls.
-Pool core workout
-Repeat 6 laps.
-Stretch cord pulling.
-Repeat 6 laps.
-Cool down stretch.


Later in the afternoon I went for a five mile walk because it was too nice to not be outside. Luckily, just shin soreness, no real pain.


Let’s call Saturday an “active rest day.” A few of us went to this place called Boda Borg.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 7.38.54 PM

You guys. This place was AWESOME and if you are ever in the Boston area it’s a must try. They call each challenge “quests.”  It’s basically a series of puzzles with some physical activity involved. Some rooms are more mental, while others are very physical. What I really liked is that you worked together with your team to make it through the different quests. Each quest had three to four different rooms to get through, and if you fail a room you have to go back to the beginning. It was actually pretty fun to go in, fail a room, then figure out how to get onto the next room with your team. Very cool experience, would definitely do it again!


Freedom Trail Run 5K tour. This was actually pretty cool-touristy, yes, but for someone who likes history and running, it’s a fun thing to do.  It follows a red brick path through some of the most notable historical sites in Boston. I’ll have a recap of it up on the blog later this week.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 7.55.32 PM

Sunday was my first time running since Monday-my shin was doing pretty good until the the end then it starting getting sore. I’m still guessing shin splints, and I’m going to run cautiously (like no more than 2-3 miles) this week to see how it goes.

Well, back to vacation!

How did your workouts go last week?

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