Cycling Day Trip: Old Orchard Beach

Happy Friday!! Today is our last day in New Hampshire so I am spending the morning doing some chores before we head to Boston/Cape Cod tomorrow morning for the second week of our New England vacation. I’m currently sitting in the hotel laundry room waiting for my clothes to finish drying so what better way to spend the time than to recap my amazing day trip to Old Orchard Beach yesterday?


When we started planning this trip, I knew I wanted to take a day trip somewhere. Tyler recommended the White Mountains, but I’m not an experienced hiker so I wasn’t that would be the best idea. Plus, I had my bike was thinking I should find a nice place to ride.



Already looking ahead to 2017 races, I already know I want to do a half iron distance. Luckily, REV3 has a half distance in Old Orchard Beach and I thought “how perfect would it be to actually preview what the course would be like?!” So that’s kind of what I did. I found a bike route in the Saco area  that worked out perfectly with the distance I was targeting (25 miles-the route was 27, I ended up doing 33 due to some wrong turns). The drive up was nice, very minimal traffic, though, I’m sure this will change next week with Memorial Day/summer.

Once I arrived in Old Orchard Beach, I had a hell of a time finding parking, but then I came upon an open lot that only charged $5 for the entire day.  Awesome! And the parking attendant fella was ridiculously nice-he noted my bike on the back of the car and asked if I did triathlons. I happily responded “yes” and he went on to tell me how great the REV3 Maine race was and how I need to come back up here to do it! After chatting for 10 minutes I headed off on my ride.

The roads were in pretty good shape and there was a decent sized berm to ride on. Drivers were awesome and actually shared the road-they were even slowing down and moving over even when I wasn’t in the road <—-this is so foreign to me, in Hampton Roads some drivers seem to purposely get as close as possible to you then yell “get off the f*cking road” and sometimes throw trash out the window as they pass. Anyway, drivers of Maine, thank you for being so kind.



I road along the oceanfront for a few miles then back into the countryside. It was one of the most gorgeous rides I have ever been on! Rolling hills, blue skies and lots of green all around me. And it was so quiet and peaceful, I could really focus on my riding. Hills are still tough for me, but I’m definitely improving the more I ride.




At one point I needed to look at the map a bit closer so I pulled over on a sidewalk at a stop sign and unclipped my left foot. Well, instead of quickly unclipping my right foot I just tipped over and landed on my knee and elbow, just breaking the skin. I have been fortunate that all of my bike falls have been similar to this, only causing mild embarrassment and not serious injuries. I laughed it off, read my map and went about my ride.

IMG_3411very mild abrasion, but still hurt like hell in the shower!

Before I knew it I was back in Old Orchard Beach. Before heading out, I found a bench near the beach and just sat for a few minutes taking in the fresh air. The town is adorable, the people are super nice and the cycling was awesome. REV3 Maine, you are definitely a top contender in the search for my first half!





Quick shin update: since taking a few days off from running/plyometrics I am virtually pain free. Just some soreness in the morning and after I walk a longer distance. Still deciding on the Jamestown Olympic, we’ll see how running goes next week.

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Cycling Day Trip: Old Orchard Beach

  1. This looks amazing! I have wanted to go to Maine for a few years now, and Orchard Beach is on my list, too. Maybe one day! 🙂
    Have fun in Cape Cod!!


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