Confession: I’m a Repeat Racer (TotR linkup)

Good morning!

I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in New Hampshire, post-lift/pre-coffee waiting for Tyler to finish his meeting (he’s working this week-more on this later). It’s been some time since I’ve written a post so let’s consider this one a blend of catching up and this week’s Tuesday on the Run link up with Marcia, Erika and Patty.

First, TotR. This week’s topic: Racing. Are you a one-and done type? Or do you run the same ones over and over?

I’m totally a repeat racer. If I find a race I like, I’ll race it year after year (Wicked 10K and Shamrock 8K are my top repeat races). I will admit, there’s something comforting but also challenging about running the same course. I like knowing the area, the condition of the roads, where the hills are (or aren’t), when the crowds thin out…all of this is so comforting and make for some chilled out nerves on race morning.  The challenging part is trying to beat my time from the previous year or just finishing stronger in general.

FullSizeRender yep, I’ll probably run this one again 🙂

I have joked with Tyler that even when we move away from the area it would be a nice little weekend trip to come back and run these races-he tells me I can find new races to like wherever we move. We’ll see.

When won’t I repeat a race? Well, obviously if it’s complete crap. Things I dislike about a race include lack of organization (this is the biggie) and too many hills (definitely something I have trouble with and nothing to do with the actual race itself–unless the elevation map on the race website is completely wrong). Maybe the hill thing will change once I’m not living someplace that is completely flat.

I have a couple of races that I’ve only done once that I would like to repeat someday–the RnR New Orleans Half (my first half!!) mainly because I know I can run it faster now, the Richmond Half Marathon because it’s a great race and I live Richmond and the Smithfield Sprint triathlon (race recap coming soon!) because I want to see what I could do with better weather (it was a rainy, wet mess).

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.43.01 AMthrow way back to 2011-my first half-I’m in the white top/green shorts

Now, onto some catch up. I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to head to the Outer Banks for a training weekend. Well, plans changed a little bit and instead we headed north about 600 miles to New England. Tyler ended up having to head north for work this week and we were already planning to vacation up here next week. I didn’t have any shifts assigned to me (I’m an “as needed” nurse that signs up for shifts when I want), so we just decided to drive up for the two weeks.

Luckily our hotel has a pool (small, but I rigged up a tether so I can swim), a running path nearby, a cycling trail nearby and the Minute Man NHP is just 25 minutes away. Lots of options to stay active.

I plan to use this week as a “get your ass in gear” week and just get all of the workouts and then some in. I’ve had a hard time lately getting my Wednesday-Friday workouts in for whatever reason-bad habits from my old job? Probably.  My first olympic tri is literally sneaking up on me-it’s just less than ONE MONTH away and I’m not feeling as prepared as I should (but do we ever?). This week I have no commitments, new places to explore, decent weather and all the time in the world to focus on training.

Additionally, I’m starting regular blogging again. After I quit my job, I tried to blog more but I guess I needed to step away from the computer and focus on my well-being. Of course I still Insta’d and tweeted, but sitting down in front of the computer was just not appealing to me at the time. My goal for now is a minimum two posts per week, which is pretty reasonable. I don’t see myself doing a post everyday but you never know!

My upcoming adventures for the week include a day trip to Old Orchard Beach/vicinity  and scoping the area out via bike, riding the Minute Man commuter trail and hitting some cycling/running shops in the area.

Have a great day!

So tell me, are you a race repeater or do you like to find a new race each time?

And if you from/are familiar with the Old Orchard Beach area-any lunch/coffee shop recommendations?



9 thoughts on “Confession: I’m a Repeat Racer (TotR linkup)

  1. I am a race repeater. I like knowing the course and being familiar with an area, it makes me a lot more relaxed on race day. Plus I love the races I run and want to do them again!


  2. Oh man, we just missed each other! I wish I’d known! We didn’t stop at Old Orchard Beach, but we did have a very nice meal at the Marina in Brattleboro (are you driving or flying?). We’re probably not on the way home for you, plus I think by that point we won’t be here either.



  3. I am originally from Maine and there are so many great things to do and take advantage of especially if you like the coast and the water. Enjoy.


    1. Thank you! I’m taking a little day trip tomorrow to scope out a possible future race course and of course just enjoy the area 🙂


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