Weekly Sweat Report 4/18-4/24

Well that was quite the blogging break! I’m back for another edition of the Weekly Sweat Report, linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap.


Last week started out so good, I got up on Monday morning and swam 1200 yards then biked 15 miles (1 hour of riding) on the Cap 2 Cap trail in Jamestown in the afternoon. I thought to myself “this is the week I get all my workouts in!”



Tuesday was a rest day, which I was thankful for because I was quite sore from Monday’s workouts.

Wednesday 30 glorious minutes of running in Colonial Williamsburg. I got in 3.14 miles and it felt good to run a slightly hilly route.


Plus, it’s so fun to run through the colonial area-roads are closed to traffic, the historical buildings are beautiful and if you are running at just the right time you get treated to a fife and drum parade.



Thursday, Friday-workout fail days. Whomp, whomp.

Thursday I had a 60 minute ride scheduled and I brought everything to work with me with the intention of riding on the Cap 2 Cap Trail in Jamestown afterward, however, thunderstorms ruined that plan. I know, I know, I should have popped my bike in the trainer. Instead I walked the dogs with Tyler before he headed off to class.

Friday I was just lazy and was happy it was Friday.  I was supposed to run 40 minutes and do a 1200 yard swim. Instead, Tyler and I walked the dogs again then went to Mellow Mushroom for a Maui Wowie pizza and had a beer while we waited.

Saturday I changed my ‘tude about training. I’m not sure what happened between Friday night and Saturday morning, but I woke up craving a run.  It was so nice outside (cool with a breeze) but I made myself wait until it warmed up so I can start getting used to the heat.  My races are in June, July and September when it’s super-hot here in southeastern Virginia and I want to be ready for it.  I ran 4.33 miles in 45 minutes, which is on the slower side for me, but when getting used to the heat the pace tends to slow down a bit.


Sunday was definitely funday. I met up with a couple members of the Yorktown Triathlon Club for a 20 mile ride followed by a 16 minute run (unplanned for me, but a quick run after a ride doesn’t hurt). I really enjoyed the workout, especially since we were all pushing each other to go just a little harder.


The women I was working out with also told me about a local high school track that is open for public use-and it’s not concrete!! It’s an actual rubberized track and it’s beautiful!  I can’t wait to use it this weekend, and then start going to group track workouts next Thursday.


Goals for this week:
1. SWIM. Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching is doing a free 7-Day Swim Challenge that I hope will jump-start some sort of love for getting in the pool.  I did the RTTC 10-Day Routine Challenge at the end of last year and it was an amazing self-discovery tool, so I have high hopes for the swim challenge!


2. Get those Thursday and Friday workouts in, no excuses. My body and mind will thank me on race day!

What is one goal you have for this week?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Sweat Report 4/18-4/24

  1. Good luck with the swim challenge! We were in Colonial Williamsburg a couple of years ago for Spring Break. That would be an incredible place for a run! Ooohh…a rubberized track would be awesome! My goal this week is to take it easy so I can run a downhill half marathon, a last minute addition to the calendar. Thanks for linking with us Stacy.


  2. How neat to run through the colonial area. I think the drum parade would really get me motivated on my run too. Fridays are usually my rest days, it is so hard for me to run, not sure why that is, but I love Mellow Mushroom! I make a meal out of just their pretzels too! I’m very jealous you have a track close to you. I think you will really enjoy it! Thanks Stacey for joining us.


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