Highlights From Last Week

Okay, I promise I’ll be back with my weekly sweat report next week, but there wasn’t much sweating going on last week so I really have nothing to report except a few pretty awesome highlights.

Tuesday was a (mostly) fun day. After the dentist (the not so fun part),  I popped into my local running shop to see if they were carrying the new Hokas so I could try them out. Sadly, they will not be carrying them but the salesperson did let me know that Monday’s run will be sponsored by Hoka and the rep will have them to try out. Meanwhile, Tyler went to the bike shop next door to browse and found a used 2005 Cervelo P2K tri bike for sale and it happened to be in my size and in excellent condition. A test ride around the parking lot later, it was headed home on the bike rack on our car. More on the bike soon!


Tuesday night we headed to Richmond to see A Q&A with Ina Garten! I just love her cooking and she is such a brilliant woman. Hearing how she went from a career that was sucking the life out her to where she is today is just amazing-talk about following your dreams!  If she is in your area (even if you don’t watch her cooking show) I highly recommend seeing the show-very inspiring and she’s so down to earth.


Friday was my last day at the job that was sucking the life out of me. This is part of the reason why there wasn’t much working out going on this week because I had to make sure all of my work was done before Friday.  A few years ago I decided I did not want to continue in nursing. It’s a great career, but it’s just not for me and I feel that this is the type of career you have to be passionate about–the patients can tell. I was pretty good at faking it until earlier this year then I realized it was really wearing me down. I’ve stuck with it because I wasn’t certain about what I would do. After doing some research and brainstorming, I am actually really interested in business/marketing. With Tyler finishing school in May, I decided it was time to take full time classes instead of taking one class per semester like I have been doing so I can officially make the career change!

Finally, the week ended with the Smithfield Sprint Triathlon and I crushed my time goals in some pretty crappy weather, more in a race recap soon!


I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap.

How was your week?


10 thoughts on “Highlights From Last Week

  1. I commend you for realizing nursing is not for you and actually pursuing your dream. You are right patients can tell when you are not passionate about treating them. Can not wait to hear about your journey


  2. It’s always scary to make a change, so I applaud you for realizing your career wasn’t what you wanted and having the guts to do something about it! How lucky you were to find that bike in your size. I love surprises like that. Congratulations for crushing your time goal in the triathlon. Mentally, I think it would be extra difficult to swim in crappy weather. I look forward to your race recap. Thanks for linking with us Stacey!


  3. I’m a pediatric nurse practitioner and I completely get what you mean about the job sucking the life out of you. There are days when I vow never to go back. Like last Friday. It was horrible. Then I worked Saturday morning, and it was fine. This is why I run!


  4. Congrats on crushing your goals at the tri! Also, congratulations on making the leap to leave your current profession and pursue your passion. That’s not an easy decision to make and I wish you all the best!


  5. This week was HUGE for you! I envy that you are leaving that awful-sounding job. Congratulations, you must be super excited! I love Ina, too. She is so down-to-earth and such a natural on her show. I’ve tried Hokas once at a demo-night run and they were a fun change!


  6. In October I left my corporate consulting job for a 3 month leave of absence and ultimately resigned in December. I was burned out and miserable and the stress was taking a toll on every aspect of my life. I did a bit of soul searching and just finished my personal training certification and am close to accepting a job at a boutique gym. Good for you for listening to your gut and seeking a career trajectory that will make you happy and fulfilled!


  7. Wow, good luck with the career change! I am blessed to have a full time job that I love. My only problem is that I love my websites and marketing on the side. Just too much to do and not enough time!


  8. Hats off to you for going through with your decision on the change! So many people me included stay with what they know because they are afraid of the unknown! So this really makes me smile hearing when someone does it! Thanks so much for linking up with us the last few weeks! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog!


    1. Thank you! I was afraid I was heading down that path–it will be 10 years this year since I became a nurse! Time flies for sure, but as I have learned it’s never too late to go back and change something if it doesn’t suit you! Thanks for hosting the linkup, I’ve taken a little blogger break but will be back soon!

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