It’s More Than A Singlet

Today I’m linking up with Erika, Patty and Marcia for Tuesdays on the Run. Today’s topic is “dream ambassadorship/sponsorship.”

Well, today’s post is a whole lot of Oiselle #runlove.


I’ve been a superfan of Oiselle since the first time I put on a pair of distance shorts and hit the pavement for a run back in early 2012. It’s no secret, Sally Burgesen knows how to design a pair of shorts. But it wasn’t just the shorts that attracted me to the brand, it was the fact that they are a small company based in Seattle that focused on women’s running and the women’s running community. So when the Volee team opened up team slots last summer, I jumped at the chance to represent a brand that I support 100% and to connect with other like-minded women runners throughout the country.  

So after paying the dues (more on this in below), I was officially a part of a team I respect and look up to–and not just the elite runners (Haute Volee) but the ENTIRE team. This is a team of inspiring, strong, talented women that love their sport and aren’t afraid to show it–just check out Instagram or Twitter and search for #oisellevolee-there’s just so much love and support for the sport and one another. 

After the One City Marathon Relay, earlier this month, I crossed paths with a woman who just came up to me, hugged me, and said “hello fellow bird! You are an awesome pacer!!!” It was just in passing and I now regret not talking more but she and her team were headed into the celebration and my team was heading out. I love love love this positive support of each other everywhere I go!

I’ve been asked on several occasions by runners and non-runners alike about the singlet. It usually starts out with “What is your top all about?” So I start telling them about the team and how to get on it and I usually get cut off with the question “wait, you paid $100 for a running singlet??” I believe they ask this because the singlet that is all they see, not an actual team running with me or any of the other . I always respond, “no, while there are team dues and it’s so much more than a just singlet. I have a sisterhood of runners that support one another in person and virtually–regardless of skill level–and a the chance to have a couple of new running partners when I go on vacation-all I have to do is send a little shout out on Twitter to see if any birds are in the area.” Most of the time I get a half-hearted okay, cool; my area isn’t exactly booming with running fans. There have been a few times, however, where someone expresses actual interest, usually a female runner, and they want to know more.  So I get into how a portion of the team dues support the Emerging Elite Athlete Fund, which creates amazing opportunities for their elite runners trying to get to the pro level. And let’s be honest, of course I talk about how the clothing is just amazing.

Speaking of my love for the clothing, how many running tops can you pair with a skirt or jeans during the day, then slip into some shorts after work and hit the track for a run? Okay, so you can do that with any top, but the Oiselle tops look good.

Case in point….I mean, how hot does Lauren Fleshman look?
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.15.05 AMPhoto credit: Oiselle

Okay, back to the team. I’ll end with this: reading the manifesto really sealed the deal on how much I love being a part of this team.  Below I copied the Manifesto from the Oiselle site so you to can the core principles of the team/company. In general, I think every runner can relate it on one level or another, whether Oiselle is your cup of tea or not.

The Manifesto

1. build the sisterhood.

We are only as strong as the bonds we build. And while most of us have them, we want to do more. We want to raise the ante in showing how women can support other women. To go further with the sisterhood …fostering strength and leadership not just in competition, but through every action, every day.

2. eat like a human.

No disordered, underweight competition. We know for a fact that this approach is a short-term benefit that detracts from strength, and can spread like a disease. Fuel your body, honor its workload, and create an image of health for other women to follow.

3. tell your story.

Running and racing is not enough to kindle a fire under track & field. By telling your story, you capture hearts and minds. And when you capture hearts and minds, you build the overall success of our sport. You are the story. You are the magic. Let her rip!

4. race with fire.

Fierce, beastly, carnivorous racing. The win, the podium, the qualifying time, the team score. We seek serious victories on significant stages. No matter the goal, the effort is marked by an unconditional desire to push to the limit…to go fast, and take chances.

5. compete clean.

No doping. No cheating. No monkeying with our natural state via chemicals or prescriptions. Eat well, work hard, run fast. Period.

6. be a superfan.

Get fans by being a fan. By being a crazy, cheering, yell ‘til your voice is hoarse superfan. After all, being a superfan, regardless of brand affiliation, is one of the most powerful things we can do to strengthen ourselves and our sport.

7. spread the love.

Oiselle won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay. But if you choose to be here, join because you’re nuts about the brand. You dig where we’re going, and you want to be a part of it. L-O-V-E baby, that’s all there is.

*Speaking of building the sisterhood and spreading the love, there will be Volee openings soon, you can pre-register here!

Have a great Tuesday!!

What is your dream ambassadorship/sponsorship? Have you ever tried out anything by Oiselle?

15 thoughts on “It’s More Than A Singlet

    1. Nope, no qualifications-they support runners of all paces! Yes, you do have to pay dues, but I think it’s totally worth it. I love my team ❤


  1. I’m so happy that you have your dream team/ambassadorship! Oiselle stuff looks really cool, and I always drool over it….but I’m on a spending moratorium right now, haha!


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