Five Things I’m Looking Forward To This Spring

Happy happy Friday!!  I’m back for another Friday Five linkup with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia and I’m talking about five things I’m looking forward to this spring.

1.My first triathlon of the season is in ONE WEEK from tomorrow!  I’m all kinds of nervous, but I’m definitely at a better fitness level than I was when I did the Pink Power Tri in August, so I’m excited to see some improvement. I honestly don’t have any goals, I just want to finish strong and get through my one and only pool swim tri this season.



2.Warm weather. I’m ready for that hot and humid Virginia summer! It certainly doesn’t make the actual workouts easier by any means, but it does make it easier to get out from under the blanket in the morning and get moving!

3. A long weekend at the Outer Banks filled with cycling, running and fun! In the middle of May the hubs, the dogs and I are headed to the Cape Hatteras KOA to take advantage of the Care Camps Big Weekend, where KOA members stay on Friday night for full price then get Saturday night for $10, which is a pretty sweet deal considering it’s oceanfront, the weather is usually nice and we can bring our dogs! Highway 12 is pretty safe for cyclists and runners because the burm is so wide, and it will give me good practice for headwinds. I just love train-cations!


From last year’s trip to OBX

4. Tyler graduates from grad school in May! So happy for him, he has definitely earned it 🙂 He’s more excited he’ll be finished so he can go back to bike commuting to work, I’m excited he won’t be coming home at 10pm twice a week and we’ll get weekends back to spend time with each other-even if it is just on the bike or running!


Looking forward to some quality time with my favorite guy.

5. And finally, we’re finishing off spring with a trip to Boston/Cape Cod right before Memorial Day. It will be another train-cation, since the Cape Cod Rail Trail makes for a perfect place to cycle and run….and let’s face it, I think a post-workout lobster roll is just amazing!


Cycling the CCRT in 2013.

What is something you are looking forward to this spring?


18 thoughts on “Five Things I’m Looking Forward To This Spring

  1. Springtime is always such a fun time when the heavy winter clothing gets put away. I’m looking forward to running in tank tops and shorts all the time and my trip to England for the London Marathon next month.


    1. I think I’d be over snow too if it snowed this late! We just get a very cold rain here-I can’t wait till rain showers after a hot/sweaty run-so refreshing!


  2. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard anyone say they were looking forward to VA summer humidity! But you have a lot of cool things to look forward to besides that. 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to doing some races this spring. I haven’t crossed a finish line since 2010, but I’m working hard this year, so it should be a fun season.


    1. Haha I never thought I would say that myself-it’s the triathlete in me making me love the summer months! Looking forward to following your training/season!


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