Friday Five: Some Shamrock 8K Love

Happy happy Friday!!

It’s official, Shamrock Marathon weekend is here!  Tomorrow I’m running the Shamrock 8K in Virginia Beach and I’m so excited, it’s one of my favorite races of the year! Today I’m linking up with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia to talk about my five favorite things about the Shamrock 8K.Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.01.34 PM



  1. The course. Fast and flat is it’s story, prime for a PR (personal record). While I may not be going for a PR this race, it would be THE course I would choose for am 8K PR in the future. Also, the crowd support is amazing.
  2. The medal.  J&A always has great medals and the Shamrock 8K doesn’t disappoint, see proof below. Bonus, all of their medals are bottle openers. My very first Wicked 10K medal is my current bottle opener 🙂IMG_1857
  3. It’s a distance for everyone! I like the shorter distances-5K through 10K. I am not a marathoner and have not run a half marathon since 2013 but it’s still fun to be a part of a big race weekend like Shamrock.  Family members/friends of half/full marathoners can still get in on the running/walking action by participating in the 8K. J&A also offers “challenge” options where if running a half/full isn’t enough miles for you, you can run the 8K on Saturday….even ultra runners can get in on the action!
  4. Since it is a short course, more runners are inclined to wear costumes.  While I’m not a costume-wearing runner myself-the closest I got to doing so was wearing a tutu and it chafed the heck out of me-I do admire those who get dressed up, it’s so entertaining!
  5. The post race festivities, which are offered on BOTH days-not just for the full/half marathoners on Sunday.  The finish line celebration offers a warm tent, beer, live music, stew and so much fun!  And did I mention it’s right on the beach?

Will you be racing/spectating at any of the Shamrock races this weekend? 

13 thoughts on “Friday Five: Some Shamrock 8K Love

  1. I LOVE the Shamrock races! My current half PR is from 2014. I’ve never run a challenge bc I have always trained for a half PR so I didn’t want another race the day before. Do you live in Hampton Roada? I’m in Chesapeake and found your blog on Friday Five linkup 🙂


  2. I thought it would do it, but then decided this wasn’t the year for it. In fact, at first I thought I’d be doing it with friends!

    It’s still the half I have picked for VA & I have a friend who lives there. Maybe next year.


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