TotR: The Plyometric Experiment

Today I’m linking up with Marcia, Erika and Patty for Tuesdays on the Run. Today’s topic is what is the hardest thing about running? Mine is getting my speed back after coming back from an injury! Below is my plan for getting my some of my speed back without adding more mileage.

My number one running goal for this year is to get my speed back.  All of my PR (personal records) are from 2012, so it’s about time I update that list!  Since I started triathlon training, I’ve been doing more cycling and swimming and less running than I’m used to, which is good for me-cycling and swimming are my weaker of the three sports.   I can’t help but want to squeeze in a speed workout or some extra miles in during the week, but I also don’t want to risk burn out or an injury.  So after hitting up Google for some advice, I found a way to help me get my speed back without running a ton of extra miles: plyometrics.


I found an article from Triathlete called Plyometrics for Triathletes and discovered it’s a good addition to my core + swim days since those are my shortest workouts of the week and don’t really involve much leg work (like my cycling and run days). My plan is to follow the workout as prescribed, twice a week, and to do a monthly measure of my progress with a 5K time trial.

The workout involves a lot of jumping and I’m finding so far my favorite move is the box jump. I never knew I could jump that high! I’m not the fastest at  completing all of the moves, but I’m focusing more on form so I don’t injure myself. I also completely suck at leg bounds. I studied a few videos on Youtube and so far I’ve ended up either doing an exaggerated skip or consecutive long jumps. I assume I’ll only improve in time.

I did my first 5K time trial last week and it resulted in 28 minutes 21 seconds.


Excited to continue to work toward stronger running and faster times!  I’ll check in next month with an updated time trial.

Do you do plyometrics? What is your favorite move?

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