Weekly Sweat Report 3/7-3/13



With race season upon us, it’s time to kick it into high gear!  Enter: the weekly sweat report.  Each week I’ll give you the rundown on the daily sweats, what worked, what didn’t…you get the point. Now let’s get started.


Morning run-I did a 5K just to get my 5K baseline, which is 28 minutes, 21 seconds, making the average pace 9:08.  Much better than I had anticipated, but I still have a long way to go before I hit my speed goals! #workinprogress



Afternoon ride-I took the newest edition to my bike collection out on her maiden voyage, 30 minutes around my neighborhood.  Boy oh boy once I get stronger with cycling this bike is going to be F A S T!  I managed 8.12 miles in 32 minutes, 30 seconds, for a 15.0 mph pace.

Morning-I was feeling pretty tight after yesterday’s run and bike, so I did about 20 minutes of yoga before work.

Evening-plyometrics-more on this later this week.

Thursday-rest-long work day + a meeting after work made me realize I NEED to get my workouts done in the morning.

Friday-Slept in, did plyometric workout after work, before dinner with friends.


Saturday-so many errands, so little time. My intention today was to go for a swim but I had so much to catch up on since most of Sunday would be spent at the race/post race bbq.

Newport News One City Marathon Relay-7.9 mile leg-race report coming soon! Spoiler alert: it was awesome and definitely rebooted my love for running and now I’m resisting the urge to sign up for ALL THE RACES!


Goals for this week: swim at least 2x, continue plyometrics and have fun at Shamrock this weekend!!

How did you workouts go last week?

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