Friday Five: My Five Go-To Meals

Happy Friday!  Today I’m linking up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for another edition of the Friday Five and I’m talking about some of my favorite go-to meals.

My husband and I both work busy full-time jobs, and while I’m busy getting my training in for races, he’s finishing up graduate school (come on May!).  Our weeknights and weekends are usually packed, giving us minimal prep/cooking time, so we have some meals that go to time and time again that we know we like and can be made quickly or easily be reheated (and still be tasty).

1.This isn’t necessarily a meal, but boy is it a time-saver.  “Roasting” a whole chicken in a crock pot.  It’s super-simple, requires minimal prep and you can safely go out on a run or bike ride while it’s cooking.  I usually cut two onions in half and place them in the slow cooker, season the chicken with whatever sounds good, place the chicken on top of the onions and set it to cook on low for 8 hours. Voila! The perfect protein to top a salad.


2. Egg cups.  These things are so good and so easily customized based on whatever other produce you are using for the week. If there aren’t really any leftover veggies to use in the eggs, I’ll use a frozen pepper/onion mix from the grocery store (huge cost saver). We’ll eat these for breakfast or lunch.

3. Quinoa Fried “Rice.” Such a good lunch or dinner option.  It reheats very well, makes a ton (like enough for two people for the week) and you can add some chicken to this recipe-you know, that chicken you made in the crock pot earlier in the week-for some extra protein.  I usually top mine with some sriracha.


4. A protein, a green veggie (usually frozen broccoli this time of year) and a small side of sweet potatoes.  Ah, a classic in this household.  I’m excited for farmer’s market season to get some good fresh asparagus for this meal.  The protein is usually fish or chicken and the sweet potatoes are typically mashed and I make big batch of them over the weekend to reheat throughout the week.


5. Smoothies. A breakfast for two in under 5 minutes? Yes, please! We buy big bags of berries and frozen kale from the wholesale store, then mix them with bananas, almond milk and chia seeds for a refreshing breakfast.  On heavier workout days I will eat a hard-boiled egg with mine, and Tyler will add a protein powder or oats to his.

What is one of your go-to meals?


10 thoughts on “Friday Five: My Five Go-To Meals

  1. We are big fans of big batches in the crock pot, then freezing the portions. Essentially making our own frozen meals! Currently in the rotation are chicken tikka masala, spaghetti sauce, chicken stout stew, chili, and red beans and rice. Total creatures of habit!


    1. Yes! The crock pot is my favorite, especially now that it is getting warmer out, definitely don’t want to turn the oven on! We have a rotation of meals we go through–it just makes food prep so effortless 🙂


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