TotR: My Running Uniform

Whew it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged, even longer since I’ve linked up with the Tuesday on the Run bloggers, Marcia, Erika and Patty.  Today’s topic is: What is your running uniform? If you could only wear one running outfit for the rest of the year, what would it be? 

Well, being on the Oiselle Volee team I actually do wear a “uniform” when I run races, and now I have two options, a sleeveless singlet and a 3/4 top (wanting to wear the 3/4 top this summer is currently fueling my #abgoals).

my team singlet, distance shorts and Huakas

And for triathlons, I’ll be wearing my QT2 Systems kit at my races this year-which should be arriving in the next couple of weeks!

But as for my actual “I could wear this every day to run in” there are a couple of key pieces that make the cut.

On top I wear Oiselle Flyte tank top in warmer weather or the Oiselle Flyte long sleeve in cooler weather. The fabric is soft, moisture wicking and the birds on the top provide some ventilation. If we want to get specific, I favor the purple versions of both of these tops.


On the bottom I have a couple of go to items. Since I’m getting more and more into triathlon, I’m spending more time in spandex shorts than I ever thought I would.  My favorite tri shorts are from Coeur Sports because they have a seamless chamois and are true to size.  Seamless = no chafing = more enjoyable run (and ride).  Other than the tri shorts, I’m addicted to Oiselle’s Distance Shorts.  These were my first purchase from the company way back in 2012 and they have long since been my go-to shorts for running.  They have pockets that hold just about anything you would need on a run, okay not a waterbottle but the side pocket does fit my iPhone 6 which is not insignificant. 

On my feet are my beloved Hoka One One Huakas (pictured below on the right).


Unfortunately, they have been discontinued and I’m on the hunt for a new pair of shoes that I love, on the bright side though, I scored a couple of pairs at Running Warehouse for $33 a piece-huge savings! I’m excited for a group run next week with a local running store, Point2, because it’s being sponsored by Hoka.  I’m interested in finding out more about the Cliftons or if there is a going to be a Huaka replacement.

What is your running uniform?

6 thoughts on “TotR: My Running Uniform

    1. Oh yes, I forgot, compression shorts are a must for long runs for me-it’s just that I’m currently sticking ti 10K and below right now!


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