TMI Tuesday on the Run: Let’s talk about chafing

This week’s Tuesday on the Run topic is TMI (too much information), something runners everywhere have been guilty of at least once-I mean, what runner hasn’t talked about snot rocket or Instagramed a huge blister on their foot.  Even the elites are no stranger to oversharing. In a recent interview after her win at the Big Sur Half, Kara Goucher reflected on some porta-pot drama she had before the race.

Today I’m talking about chafing and what you can do to avoid what causes the most painful shower, especially when it catches you by surprise!

1. Use some sort of anti-chafing balm or cream. Whether it’s Vaseline, Bodyglide or (for the cyclists/triathletes) Butt’r Chamois cream, your skin will thank you.  I like good ol’ Vaseline-it’s cheap and effective.

2. Wear proper fitting , moisture wicking workout clothing–especially shorts and sports bras. The worst chafing I experienced was a couple of years ago when I was wearing a sports bra that was too big for me.  I felt the soreness toward the end of a sweaty run, but didn’t really feel the pain until the shower afterward–holy crap the underside of my boobs were on fire!  I now wear a sports bra that fits like a glove and haven’t had any underboob chafing since! (I wear the Moving Comfort Rebound Racer, if you have a bigger chest I highly recommend it–no bounce!)

3. Speaking of shorts–spandex is your friend, especially if you’ve got thigh chub rub like me.  I recommend Oiselle stride shorts-they don’t budge when running. If you aren’t comfortable wearing just spandex alone, layer up!

So there you have it, three tips to ensure your post-run shower is relaxing, not painful!

Don’t be shy, share your runner TMI experiences!

9 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday on the Run: Let’s talk about chafing

  1. For me, chafing is an on again, off again thing; and it tends to be on again when I’m at the higher end of my weight range, but seriously I can go an entire year without any then have a spot on my thigh chafe so badly — my outer thigh, that is! — that I have a scar.

    I actually got worried at one point, just sure it was a cancerous mole, until I realized that yeah, I had that awful chafing there a few months ago.


  2. Anyone who thinks that petite girls don’t chafe haven’t met runners 😀 My tricks? Brick Betty sports bra (seriously, this thing is magic!), wide, flat banded shorts, and bodyglide anywhere that there is a seam!


  3. Body Glide is my BFF! I didn’t used to be much of a chafer and didn’t realize how lucky I had it. Since I’ve gained 10 lbs. things have changed. Not for the better. Thanks for linking up!


  4. The only place I have chafing is near my armpits but not really in the armpit. It’s more on the back of the arm, I guess. Weird. Anyway, good old Vaseline works just fine for me too.


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