Shamrock Half Training: Week 1

Good morning!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for my spring half marathon has officially started!  Yep, last Monday marked the first day of Shamrock Half training and I couldn’t be more excited to actually be following a training plan again.

635621938150480224-shamrock-marathon-logoLet’s rewind a bit first: earlier this summer, my original plan was to run the Maui Oceanfront Marathon in January then follow it with the Shamrock Half in March.  Well, the appeal of running a full marathon faded for a couple of reasons: I don’t want to spend 2016 injured and I want to chase a 10K and or half marathon PR next year.  Also, I couldn’t really figure out why I wanted to run a marathon-I truly have no good reason.  So, I switched my Maui race from the marathon to the 10K and decided to integrate it into my lengthy half marathon training schedule.

Since my longest run in the past six (+) months has been six miles (and only two of them, I think), I’m doing a very slow mileage build this training cycle. Mainly to avoid injury, but also so I don’t burn out on distance running (which I tend to do). It also leaves time to create good habits early in the training cycle, such as foam rolling and strength training, which is such an important part of all of this running!



My goals last week were to get all of my runs in, sleep/eat better and to work my core three times.  I’m happy to report I did get all but one mile in but the sleeping/eating/core workouts didn’t exactly go the way I had planned.  Thanksgiving happened (and so did lots of leftovers!), I drank too much coffee which affected my sleep and I only got one core workout in.

The running felt good though, and I’m consistently getting sub 10-minute miles!


And man oh man has the weather been perfect-sunny and tank top weather for most of the runs!  Also, it’s finally looking like fall around here:


Since week was particularly uneventful, except for the Blue Talon Bistro Turkey Trot (race report coming this week), I’m going to share my goals for week two.

Aside from getting the runs in (especially in the rainy weather forecasted for this week)…
Get the cross training/core workouts in
Cut back on the caffeine
Eat more veggies

Total Week 1 Miles: 8 miles
Total Shamrock Training Miles: 8

Have a great day and happy sweating!

Are you training for a spring race? How is it going?

11 thoughts on “Shamrock Half Training: Week 1

  1. I’m still definitely considering VA Beach, but I won’t start training for it until January most likely. Just when winter hits, of course.

    Tank weather? Not up here! And our trees are bare. I miss living in the south. I wouldn’t say that in the summer, but I sure think that now!


      1. That is what I’m planning on, it just all depends on what’s going on in life. My Dad had a lot of healthy problems around that time of year last year (he turns 90 around then).

        Of course, the actual getting there can be a problem too! Although March isn’t usually as bad as Feb.


  2. I’m a new visitor to your blog, and it is SOOOO refreshing to see someone who is legit taking things slow & steady. So many peeps want to dive in and start amping up the mileage early, and then throw in a lot of (unnecessary) long distance runs, often surpassing their “goal” event distance and getting injured in the process. Not only are you doing a gradual build with your distance, you’re also doing core work! Best of luck with your half marathon!!


    1. Thanks Kim-I learned the “take it slow” lesson the hard way and ended up injured my first couple of years of running-I wanted to run all the races! Now I’m just choosing a few races per year to actually train and do well in 🙂


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