Race Report: Wicked 10K

This is my favorite race, hands down. I love the distance, the course, the time of year and of course, the costumes! This race also happens to be where my current 10K PR is, and where I plan to update that PR next year-it just wasn’t in the cards this year. My goal for this year was sub-60. I had run a very hilly 10K in August in just under 1 hour, 3 minutes, so I was certain I would beat that time, just not sure by how much.


We only live about 45 minutes away, so I opted to just get there early on race day and do packet pickup then. On race morning there’s not really an expo, but I am okay with that—it’s not a big expo anyway and it’s totally not worth sitting in tunnel traffic on a Friday afternoon. So I got in to pickup my bib and shirt, actually got to use the indoor bathrooms with very little wait time then headed back to car to hangout with Tyler until about 5 minutes until the race start.


for the record, I did not start in corral 1, this race was deferred from last year when I was a bit faster. I started in corral 3.
for the record, I did not start in corral 1, this race was deferred from last year when I was a bit faster. I started in corral 3.

Before the race is a good time to scope out all the cool costumes, my favorite was the Wizard of Oz group costume (which happened to win the people’s choice costume).

so cool. The house was mounted onto a wagon and it spun when someone pulled it!
so cool. The house was mounted onto a wagon and it spun when someone pulled it!
the start.
the start.

The corrals were roped off based on estimated pace and each pace group took off in 30 second intervals. It was crowded but the course was wide enough that it wasn’t very difficult to get around slower runners/walkers. I felt like I started out strong, miles one through three were sub 9:30 pace and just felt good. Once I hit mile four, things just fell apart–not too horribly but my pace definitely slowed down to just under sub-10 minute miles. I honestly don’t know what it was, but I have a feeling part of it was a little breathing issue after running behind a woman who had bathed in her perfume before the race. I would pass her, then she would pass me and then slow down, then I’d pass her and then there she was again. I decided to slow down and just let her go because my poor little asthmatic lungs could not take it anymore. By the end of mile five I picked it up again, realizing I could possibly go sub-60 if I kept my pace up.


And I did…… unofficially! I went 6.2 miles in 59:53, officially I finished in 1 hour and 5 seconds (but I went 6.27 per my Garmin). I was so excited, I felt like I finished strong and with NO IT BAND ISSUES!!

Download (2)

I crossed the finish line, collected my medal, water, a banana and my finisher travel mug and met Tyler at the end of the finisher chute.  


I opted not to have the post race food because we had a few errands to run, but otherwise I would have (this year it was tomato soup in a bread bowl–previous years it had been chili in a bread bowl).

The medal itself was very cool-it glowed in the dark!

IMG_9337 IMG_9336

The race shirt is long-sleeved tech fabric that is gender-specific.  Kudos to more races providing gender-specific shirts!  It too is supposed to glow in the dark, but I couldn’t get mine to do so.  Very cool design and I love the color though!


The finisher item was a Tervis-like travel mug with the race logo on it.  Perfect to take and leave at work for a mid-afternoon tea.


Also, new for this year (and I think all J&A races) they are offering free race pictures, so no more paying outrageous prices for your pictures! There were plenty of photographers stationed along the course, so I ended up with a couple of good ones (posted throughout this post).

Download (1)
not sure what I’m doing here, but I like the King Neptune in the background!

Once again, another great Wicked 10K. Can’t wait until next year!!

What is your favorite race?

4 thoughts on “Race Report: Wicked 10K

  1. This is so great, Stacey!! I’ve seen this race advertised many times and always thought it sounded like fun; it would be a trip for us, but I love that part of the country! Congratulations to you! What a fun race day!


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