Race Report: Smuttynose Rockfest 5K

The October recap extravaganza continues today with the Smuttynose Rockfest 5K recap!

Early Sunday morning we woke up to drive down to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire to participate in the Smuttynose Rockfest races.  I had originally planned to run the half, but I started to have some IT band soreness during training and I really didn’t want to anger it anymore, so I changed my race to the 5K, while Tyler stuck with the half.



We opted to do packet pickup on race day and it was super quick and easy. The 5K runners received a gender-specific tech t-shirt with the race logo, the half marathoners received a gender-specific half zip fleece with a small logo on the chest.  After packet pickup we walked around a bit then headed back to the car to stay warm before the start.

packet pickup tent


food prep before the race

On to the race….I believe this was the first year they offered a 5K option (I’m not completely sure, but I can’t find previous year’s 5K results), which is maybe why it felt a bit unorganized and definitely felt more like a half marathoner’s race.

The half marathon and the 5K started together…probably not the best idea.  The pace differences between a runner doing a 5K and a half marathon are just too different-in most cases.  Maybe stating the 5K a bit later would be ideal, especially since there were a lot of 5K runners waiting around for half marathoners afterward.  I found myself unsuccessfully trying to weave in and out of other runners. I say unsuccessfully because the marked off course was so narrow there was nowhere to go to attempt to pass other runners.  I definitely should have started closer to the front, but I just wasn’t confident enough to do that.

The run itself was otherwise uneventful-which is a good thing!  The sun finally came out and man did it warm up fast, I’m glad there was some wind coming off the Atlantic or else I would’ve roasted in my long sleeves and capris!

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.30.30 AM

I was getting close to the 3 mile mark on my watch when I realized the start line was still about a half a mile up the road. Just then, a race volunteer started directing the 5K runners down a side road….and that was our finish line.  Yep, just a couple of tables with some water and granola bars, no real finish line just looked like a spray painted line across the road. I’m not sure why the race couldn’t have been redirected so the 5K runners could cross the actual finish line, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it.  I was happy it was over, and happy I went sub-30 minutes. That was my goal for the race that I was actually uncertain I would reach once the race started due to the crowd of runners.

Official finish time: 28:32 (9:13 pace)

I grabbed a bottle of water and started walking up to the half marathon finish line (a few blocks up the road) to cheer on the first runners come in, which is always fun and inspiring! 


Tyler finished in 2 hours and some change and got the most adorable medal:


Now onto the best part of this race: the post race food!!!! I enjoyed a lobster roll and some vegetable soup!  By far, the best post race food I’ve ever had 🙂


I think if I did this race again, I would go for the half.


Happy Sweating!

Next up: Acadia Adventures!

4 thoughts on “Race Report: Smuttynose Rockfest 5K

  1. Yes, definitely my favorite post race food. And that medal is so much cuter than mine! Plus my weather sucked. Oh well.

    It’s too bad that the 5k wasn’t better organized. We stayed at a real dive, but the bonus is it was just steps from the start and I could use my very own bathroom. Heaven!


  2. How weird that the 5k and the half started together. That does sound like an inefficient beginning. But I’m glad the rest of the race was uneventful and you made your goal 🙂


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