My New Training Plan + TotR

Good morning!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am hanging it up on doing a half marathon this fall because my IT band is not quite ready for that kind of distance.  For now the focus is on base building and strength/core.  That being said, I am following a training plan for the upcoming Wicked 10K on Halloween.

Hal Higdon’s Novice 10K Training Plan
I did a quick Google search for beginner 10K training plan and this is the first (and best, in my opinion) that showed up. It consists of three days of running, two days of cross training, and two scheduled days of strength training. Very structured, very much what I need right now.

Core + Strength
I am a regular reader of the Oiselle blog and I remember stumbling upon this gem of a workout a few weeks ago. I started it last night.  Not only does it work the core, it works the all of the major lower body muscles plus incorporates some plyometrics for even stronger running.  There are a couple of modifications–I don’t have access to TRX, so I do regular squats and I added in some lunges, as well as some upper body work like bicep curls, bent over rows and shoulder raises.  It’s not easy by any means, but I feel so good after it!

Two days a week I plan to do some running-related yoga, mostly hip loosening/opening moves, as seen here (again, from the Oiselle blog).  I do this during my lunch break at work and it is such a good break in the day, definitely clears my mind for the afternoon.

Cross Training
As mentioned above, the 10K plan includes two day of cross training.  Easy-swimming and cycling.  Luckily cycling doesn’t bother my IT band so it makes for a nice weekend workout.  Swimming is just a must, especially since I want to improve as a triathlete.  I plan to squeeze in a few days of swimming a week, especially since my mileage is lower than I had originally planned.

The final piece of the puzzle is nutrition.  I am trying to eat to reduce inflammation and obviously lose my excess weight that my body is carrying.  When I figure this one out, I’ll definitely share-but for now it’s a work in progress.

I’m also linking up today with April, Erika and Patty for Tuesdays on the Run.  This week’s topic is running pet peeves.  My running pet peeve has to be that group of runners during a race (or an a trail) that find it necessary to run 4 or 5 across leaving no room for people to pass.  So annoying.  A close second?  Wearing the race shirt to the race, for starters-there’s that golden rule of “nothing new on race day” and second-you have to earn the shirt.

Question of the day:  What is your running pet peeve?

Happy Sweating!

10 thoughts on “My New Training Plan + TotR

  1. I really like the 10k distance — I wish there were more of them!

    I’ve actually never tried Higdon. It’s so nice that you don’t have to pay for his plans!

    Ok, so everyone hates the groups of runners blocking the road — it just begs the question, who’s doing it then?


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