Race Report: South Lakes 10K

Good morning!! After yesterday’s Debbie Downer of a race report, I thought I would get my South Lakes 10K race report up to add some positivity back into this little blog.

On Sunday I ran the South Lakes 10K in Reston, Virginia. I had signed up for this race awhile back, not knowing if I’d actually run it. I had purchased the Potomac River Running race pass around Christmas last year and needed to select a 4th and final race-all of the other races did not match with my schedule, and this was one of the only ones. So when Tyler had to go on a last minute work trip I decided to head to my mom’s in northern Virginia and use this race as my long run for the week.

Potomac River Running (PRR) puts on some great races-easily my favorite in the northern Virginia area. Early Sunday morning I drove to South Lakes High School, found a parking spot and picked up my race bib, t-shirt and a cool little pin. I’ve gotten a couple of pins from races before and I stick them in my medal hanger. The t-shirt was tech material, gender-specific and bonus-my favorite colors green and navy blue.



The race started at 7:30am at South Lakes High School and the course went around the area, both past some businesses and through residential areas. The roads were nicely paved, no potholes or uneven surfaces and one lane was closed off for runners. It was hilly with some straightaways, but the hills were long climbs, not short and steep which was nice. Also, all of the intersections were manned by the police and volunteers, which made for a safe run. Speaking of the volunteers, they were awesome! I believe they were members of the South Lakes HS track and cross-country teams—all provided great course support/cheering, especially since there weren’t many spectators on the course.

the course
the course

I started in the 11:00-12:00 minute/mile pace group. Another thing to love about PRR races is that they set up signs that point you in the right direction for where you need to start—great for race newbies!


I don’t typically run with my headphones in, but I decided to do so for this race so I can just have fun and zone out. I knew I wasn’t going to PR and that this was just a training run, so I wanted to just start it at a conservative pace and increase my speed if I felt like it. I set myself a finish time goal of 1 hour and 10 minutes, hoping for more like 1 hour and 5-8 minutes.

Here are my mile splits:

Mile 1 10:46 (just warming up!)
Mile 2 10:41
Mile 3 10:04
Mile 4 9:51
Mile 5 9:55 (hilliest mile)
Mile 6 9:31!!
Mile 0.26 7:32!! (around the track)

The race itself was pretty uneventful, I wasn’t really paying attention to other runners, just running my own race. There was one woman I was kind of running with then on a downhill she broke away from me. Well, to my surprise I caught her on the uphills! This continued until we hit mile five (the hilliest mile) where I caught her on again on an uphill and I didn’t see her again. I’m overly cautious on downhills because I don’t want my IT band or my shins to get angry at me—that’s that seems to do it!

The race ended on the high school track. Oh my goodness I love the track. If there were a public track in my area I would totally be on it at least once a week. I knew I still had about ¼ of a mile left so I started to speed up but not go into my full on final kick until the final .10.

finish line on the track
finish line on the track

Finish time: 1 hour, 2 minutes, 49 seconds (6.26 miles per my Garmin, 10:02 pace)


I crossed that finish line PROUD of this race. Not only did I crush my time goal, I had no IT band or shin issues. I immediately started thinking about getting back to my mom’s house and foam rolling/icing/stretching—basically all the injury prevention I could do. Looking at my mile splits I feel confident now I can pick it up on my training runs during the week, while still keeping my long weekend runs at a more conservative pace (mid-10s).

This was just the race I needed to books my confidence for the upcoming fall race season!  I’m linking up with Jessica at The Silvah Lining for this week’s Race Recap Linkup.

Happy Sweating!

6 thoughts on “Race Report: South Lakes 10K

  1. That is a positive race report! Great job! I would love to live near a track like that too. Fun how you hit it at the end, makes you want to go faster! Thanks for linking up with us!


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