Smuttynose Half Training: Week 5

Good morning!  I’m currently enjoying some time in northern Virginia at my mom’s house while Tyler is off on a work trip.  It’s just so gorgeous here and as hot and humid as it is already today, nothing beats the country air.

Week five of Smuttynose training started out blah and ended on a very high note with the South Lakes 10K.

Monday-I planned on it being a rest day with some stretching but I was called off from work and the pool was calling my name. I mean, there were maybe 3 other people there so I had a lap lane all to myself.


I didn’t count laps/distance but I swam for 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of kicking (which I’m pretty bad at).  Later on that evening I did my stretching and core.

Tuesday- so….tired and sore.  I did some work around the house, did some work-related tasks and some stretching-my legs and hips were so tight.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday-  Zero miles, zero workouts.  My motivation has been very low and the weather is just disgusting.  I will be happy when these 100% humidity days go away!

Saturday- Easy effort 5K run around my mom’s neighborhood in northern Virginia.  It was wonderful, a run at sunrise and 56 degrees and very little humidity.

IMG_7869 IMG_7870

Sunday-South Lakes 10K!  I had signed up for this race a few months ago wanting to incorporate it into my training.  Race report coming soon–spoiler alert-it was awesome!

so so so happy during and after this race!
so so so happy during and after this race!

I know there are going to be weeks that just feel blah, but I’m happy this one turned around toward the end!

Are you training for any races? How is it going?

Happy Sweating!

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