In Five Years….

Happy Friday!  Today I’m linking up with the DC Tri fecta for the Friday Five.  This week’s topic: Five Years From Now…

I have some goals that I would like to have achieved within the next five years…here they are:

1. Graduate college with a degree in ?.  I’m kind of undecided.  I’ve been taking the “general” classes..aka English, history, etc but I’m having a difficult time choosing what I want my career path to be.  I’m very interested in health and human services…in fact a paper I wrote in my last English class arguing the case for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program sparked my interest. We’ll see, but I know I would make myself and my family proud with whatever I decide, as I would be the first to graduate from college in my family!  Addendum to this goal: retire from nursing for good…it’s just not the career for me!

2.  Visit more National Parks!  I have a lifelong dream of visiting all of the US National Parks.  I’m slowly checking them off one by one.  I grew up visiting Shenandoah National Park (my grandparents lived nearby) and I loved it.  Since watching the Ken Burns documentary “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” I’ve just been fascinated with the park system and how beautiful the undeveloped land of this country really is.  If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a must watch–totally worth the binge watch, it’s so well written.  So far I’ve visited Acadia, Mt Rainier, Cuyahoga, and Shenandoah…so yeah I have a lot more to check off…2016 will bring the Hawaii parks and hopefully the Smokies and either Crater Lake or Olympic!

Acadia NP.  Can't wait to get married here in October!!
Acadia NP. Can’t wait to get married here in October!!

3.  Have a healthy body image.  Obviously, I hope this comes sooner than five years.  At last weekend’s triathlon (race report coming soon, I promise), I was so self conscious in my tri kit while waiting for the swim to start I kept my arms crossed over my stomach instead of warming up my arms for the swim. I’ve also been “blessed” (in quotes because I don’t see it that way) with a larger chest which makes me uncomfortable.  I want to get to the point where I’m comfortable in the body I have, even though it may be a work in progress.

4.  One word: IRONMAN.  Finishing an Ironman has been a dream of mine since crossing the finish line last year at the Presque Isle Sprint tri.  I love the sport–everything about it.  The challenge, the training, all of the heart that goes into it.  I stream finish lines live and just the raw emotion gives me the chills!

5.  I’d like to adopt (or at least foster) another rescue dog.  Right now our apartment limits two dogs per unit, so it’s just not possible.  Both Delilah and Cuey are rescues and are just wonderful dogs.  Tyler jokes that I can’t volunteer at the local SPCA because dogs would just “show up” at our doorstep (aka I would bring home ALLTHEDOGS).


Where do you see yourself in five years?

Happy Sweating!

8 thoughts on “In Five Years….

  1. I did volunteer with rescues for a few yrs. I promised my husband I wouldn’t just bring home an animal & I never did, even though it was close a few times.

    Body image is so hard. I’m still working on that. I’m 53!

    Love national parks. We’ve visited quite a few & they are some of our fondest memories!


  2. I could tell that was Acadia NP from the picture. One of my favorite places to vacation…would love if it was closer and I could afford a vacation cottage. Good luck with the Ironman dreams. I enjoy triathlon but the cycling bug currently has bitten me harder than the Ironman bug so I will be doing a detour to Ironman, if I do decide to dedicate the time to prepping for 140.6


    1. I’ve actually grown love cycling (it took a couple of years). I would love to vacation more in Acadia but same here-if it were just a little bit closer and affordable to have a cottage!


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