Smuttynose Half Training: Week 4

Good afternoon!

Usually I start these training week recap posts at the start of the training week so I can remember details, but it just didn’t happen that way last week….so here’s the details from training last week, mostly taken from my Garmin.

Monday: 5 miles, 54 min, 10 seconds.  This was supposed to be week 3’s long run, but since I had a stomach bug over the weekend I moved it to the first day I started feeling better which was Monday.  It went well, an uneventful run around the neighborhood after work and it felt so good!

post work sweat is always good
post work sweat is always a good idea

Tuesday: rest day–I’m pretty sure I stretched and did some core but I can’t remember what I did exactly.

Wednesday: 3 miles, 33 minutes.  This run was done in the morning before work-it was hot/humid and my legs were just heavy.  Felt good to run after a day at work though.

Thursday: strength training, short, untimed runs around my parking lot (between strength sets)

Friday: a really bad attempt at 6 miles before the sun came up.  It just felt off, so I ended up running 3 miles in 33 min, 43 seconds.  Just couldn’t get into the groove.

Saturday:  Triathlon-eve!  I did a 15 minute shakeout swim in the hotel pool then just chilled for the rest of the day/night.

the air temp was warm, but whew was the pool water cold!
the air temp was warm, but whew was the pool water cold!

Sunday: Pink Power Sprint Triathlon.  I’ll have a race report soon, just giving it a few days before sitting down to write the post.  It was a tough race for me, hills are just a nightmare when you live in a really flat area.  The bike wasn’t horrible, but the run…er should I say run/walk just demolished me both physically and mentally.  Lesson learned: need to seek out hills for training.  Also, I surprised myself by realizing I prefer an open water swim to the pool swim.  Total time per my Garmin 1 hour, 36 min, 56 seconds.

looking excited pre-race
looking excited pre-race

Later that evening I did a quick 3 miles to get to my 6 miles on the day which improved my defeated mood after the tri greatly: 3 miles in 30 min, 14 seconds with negative splits! Mile 1-10:15, mile 2-10:06, mile 3-9:50.

I finally remember the compression sleeves!
I finally remembered the compression sleeves!

Onto week FIVE!

Are you training for any upcoming races?  How’s it going?

Happy Sweating!

4 thoughts on “Smuttynose Half Training: Week 4

    1. Thank you 🙂 I really needed that, it’s been a frustrating couple of post race days! And you’re right, I need to remember back when I lived in a hilly area–they are tough no matter what!


  1. I live in a hilly area and flat races are tough for me…constant pedaling with no reprieve in body position is tough. And running any distance or terrain in the heat is my nemesis. Congrats to you on your race.

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