Smuttynose Half Training: Week 3

Good morning!  Last week’s training was a bit different because I was on vacation in Seattle/Friday Harbor and didn’t return home until yesterday, so I didn’t really have any set scheduled workouts except I needed to get in three runs.

Monday: rest day….spent by walking roughly 13 miles around the city.  Not all at one time of course, had some stops for coffee/lunch/shopping here and there.  My feet definitely felt it by the end of the day!

Of course we made a stop at the market--totally different in August (I've only ever been in March)
Of course we made a stop at the market–totally different in August (I’ve only ever been in March)
the view from the water taxi back to West Seattle
the view from the water taxi back to West Seattle

Tuesday: We hopped on the ferry to San Juan Island (Friday Harbor to be exact) and rented bikes to get around there.  Riding to the AirBnB cottage was rough with full/heavy backpacks on so it was slow and I ended up having to walk my bike up a couple of the huge hills, but after we dropped off our stuff and headed back into town it was a nice ride.  We did approximately 15 miles of riding.

our rides for the day
our rides for the day

After dinner, we walked around American Camp National Historical Park so we could check out not only the park, but where we planned to run on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.


Wednesday: Run #1 + core.  Woke up to some phenomenal running weather:


Ran for 24 minutes around American Camp NHP.  The hills here are just unforgiving, but it was nice to have these views during the run.  Walked the rest of the way back up the hill and down to the shore after the run.  Did not track mileage during this run.


After breakfast, we rode back into town (5 miles) to return the bikes we had rented.

After lunch we walked–a lot–around American Camp/South Beach, unsure of mileage.

South Beach
South Beach

Thursday: Run #2.  25 minute run (mileage not recorded) on the trails at American Camp.  I could get used these views….

American Camp

Friday: rest.  A red eye back into Richmond followed by driving two hours to northern Virginia to my mom’s made for a well deserved rest day.

Saturday: core + stretch.  Woke up with a stomach bug, so we walked the dogs and went to the farmer’s market near my mom’s house knowing there were plenty of public restrooms mourned.  Otherwise, my activities were as follows: sleep and more sleep.  Did I mention sleep?

Sunday: Run #3 did not happen, the little stomach bug I likely picked up during travel ensured there’s no way to get five miles in on this day.  There’s no way I wanted to attempt running where there are no public restrooms, nor did I even feel up to running.

Since I felt better today, I ran the 5 miler after work today.  Felt so good!


Are you training for any fall races?  How did it go last week?

Happy Sweating!

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