Smuttynose Half Training: Week 2

Good morning from Seattle!

this photo just makes me want to say "aahhh"
this photo just makes me want to say “aahhh”

I’m busy enjoying a week away from the hot and humid mid-Atlantic in one of my favorite cities, so I’m just checking in with a quick recap of Smuttynose Half training, week 2!

Monday: scheduled rest; actual: a very broken 775 yd swim after work.  Apparently “lap swimming only” isn’t very well enforced at my community pool.  Dodged kids and other adults before I decide to call it a day.  Still, it felt good to get a swim in especially after a full day of work.

Tuesday: scheduled: 3 mile time trial run (warm up with a very easy mile followed by 2 “comfortably hard” miles); actual: 3 mile time trial run.  This felt good, really good.  The first mile (the easy mile) was actually the hardest part of the run-wait no, I take it back, the HUMIDITY was the hardest part of the run–thank goodness for golf course sprinklers!
My splits:
Mile 1 10:55
Mile 2 10:12
Mile 3 9:15–holy moly!
Average pace 10:07

After the run I did my core workout and some foam rolling.


I also got a swim in to make up for Monday’s mess of a swim.  This time I took it indoors at the Y, and got a good swim in.
400 yards (no rest, was trying to get a ballpark time to estimate my swim time for the Pink Power Tri coming up in a couple of weeks) followed by 200 yards/30 second rest/100 yards, followed by 200 yards of kicking, then a 100 yard cooldown for a total of 1000 yards. This felt really good and I can tell my swimming is improving.

Wednesday: scheduled: 45 minute bike ride or 11 miles, whichever comes first; actual: 11.27 miles in 41 min, 45 seconds!  I was totally pumped about this since it was my first ride back on Pepper in longer than I’d like to admit.

so happy after this ride!
so happy after this ride!

Thursday:  scheduled: 3 miles; actual: 1.70 miles + 1.25 mile walk back to the car.  Ugh, somedays you just have a bad run.  I had some tightness in my hips, likely from riding yesterday and not stretching it out afterward.  Note to self: STRETCH!  Fearful of an injury, I decided to just walk the rest of the way back to the car, so technically I still got the 3 miles in, just not all running.

where I run--a lot.  Doesn't really look like the end of July in this picture, looks more like the end of September--too bad it's still disgustingly hot!
where I run–a lot. Doesn’t really look like the end of July in this picture, looks more like the end of September–too bad it’s still disgustingly hot!

Friday:  scheduled: swim + core workout, actual: nada–instead, I cleaned our entire apartment so when we returned from vacation it wouldn’t be a disaster zone. Totally worth the missed workout since my work schedule is packed the week we get back!

Saturday: scheduled: REST–we landed in Seattle at 1am and definitely needed to take a rest day; actual: 90 minutes of paddle boarding.  The fresh air of the PNW woke me right up and I was ready to go! It was so fun, but challenging in the choppy Elliot Bay.  I did actually stand up once and shortly after ended up in the water.  It was cold, but so refreshing compared to the bath-water like James River at home.


Sunday: scheduled: 5 mile long run; actual: 3 miles around Green Lake.  Yes, I know I need to start running more than 3 miles at a time, I get it, I’m half marathon training.  Here’s what happened…see the above picture of the paddle board? Apparently it’s a hell of a quad workout when you do a lot of paddling on your knees. Holy quads they were sore!  I did finally pickup the pace, though and sailed through 3 miles at a 9 minute per mile pace!  Super thrilled about that.  After the run it was actually pretty hot out, so I jumped into the lake and did a little swimming to cool down.  Now only if there was a lake I could jump into in Virginia this time of year that wouldn’t feel like bath water….

FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-2

My PNW adventures continue today with a rest day (but lots of walking through the city) and then the next three days in the San Juan Islands!  Come back tomorrow for the Race Recap Link Up with Jessica from The Silvah Lining.

Happy Sweating!

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