Smuttynose Half Training: Week 1

And just like that, half marathon training has started!  I’ve got my training plan in my planner, a foam roller in the living room (it’s a permanent fixture while I’m training for longer distances) and my Hokas by the door.

I’m following a 10 week training plan and used this week as a “figure it out week,” as in, figuring out the best time to run while fitting in swimming and biking.  I think it went pretty well, except I need to remember to fit strength/core in!

The #1 challenge this week was totally mental.  I’m having a hard time with how slow I have gotten.  Yes, I know slow is a relative term and that my slow is someone else’s fast, but wow was it doing a number on my confidence.  I changed up the settings on my Garmin so I can only see the mileage on Thursday’s run, and that seemed to help me get out of my head.  I also started just focusing on the mile I’m in and on good running form.

The other challenge is the humidity, but it’s summer and that’s not something I can control so I’m just doing what I can to get through the runs (early morning running or running after sunset).

Here’s a recap of week 1:

Monday: scheduled: rest day; actual: core workout (pilates) + foam rolling


Tuesday: scheduled: 3 miles; actual: 2 mile run, 4 mile bike ride (to and from the pool) and a 825 yd swim with intermittent rest breaks. I took advantage of a sunny day off and did a little tri, just not in the traditional order 🙂


Wednesday: scheduled: rest day, actual: rest day

Thursday: 3 mile run; actual: 3 mile run!  Two great runs in a row = a happy runner right here!

Friday: scheduled: swim + lift; actual: 800 yard swim (200 yd followed by 30 second rest x4)

one of my happy places
one of my happy places

Saturday: scheduled 4 mile run; actual: 3 miles.  We headed north to my mom’s house for the weekend and ran in old town Winchester, about 30 miles west of her house.  Tyler had never been there and I hadn’t run there since a 10K in 2011, my how things have changed (for the better–there’s actually a farmer’s market and a coffee shop now!).  Most of the run was on brick and concrete sidewalks, so we cut the run short and planned to do the 4 miles on Sunday.


Sunday: scheduled: mile bike; actual: 4 mile run!  It was a lovely run on the W&OD trail in Purcellville.  This was my longest run in a while and it felt so good.  No IT band pain, no shin pain just 4 happy miles at a 10 minute per mile pace.  It almost felt like a switch flipped and I got my running legs back 🙂

running on the W&OD
running on the W&OD

One week down, TEN to go!

Happy sweating!

6 thoughts on “Smuttynose Half Training: Week 1

    1. Thanks! We’re getting married in Maine the week after Smuttynose and decided it would be the perfect “wedding” race!


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