Weekend Training–Or Lack Thereof…

So, my first week of OBX tri training was almost non-existent, it was definitely not the way I wanted to kick off the training cycle, but hey it happened and I’m over it.

Friday: ended up being a rest day because we drove to northern Virginia to visit my mom.  We did get a good walk around town with the dogs.

Saturday:  the ONE day I worked out this weekend.  Tyler and I did a 20-ish mile bike ride on the C&O Canal Trail out of Harpers Ferry, WV.  It’s only about 20 minutes from my mom’s house and I expect to do many more rides there!  We did not get any hiking in, but we did walk around the historical park and definitely walked some hills.


Back to the ride….it was my first real gravel ride!  I didn’t ride my tri bike, Pepper, but instead rode my Raleigh WRX Comp, a pretty sweet ride I bought used off a local bike shop owner.


I didn’t time the ride myself (I actually left my Garmin on top of my car, thank goodness it was still there when we got back!), but Tyler used his bike computer and kept an eye out on the pace, averaged between 13-16 mph.  It was such a fun ride and luckily it was very shaded on this very hot, sunny day!

IMG_7073 IMG_7059

I did have a fall, but it wasn’t bad at all.  I dropped one of my water bottles while putting it back into the cage and came to a stop so I could get it.  Well, the breaks are super sensitive and I didn’t quite unclip in time and just tipped over on my right side, slamming my hip onto the mostly smooth dirt road.  It hurt, but probably hurt my ego more 😉


Sunday: zip, zilch, nada.  Except for a walk around town with the dogs before we left to head back home.

So, yeah not a great opening week.  This week, I plan to kick it in to high gear and my goal is to get all of my workouts in–including strength training.  I watched some of the Eagleman 70.3 finish line coverage this afternoon and it sure was inspiring!

Happy sweating!


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