Outer Banks Olympic Triathlon Training, Week 1


Today marks the start of my training for the Outer Banks Olympic Triathlon!  Every Monday I’ll post my planned workouts for the week, and then throughout the week post how they went.  I’m following an intermediate distance training plan from Athleta, mainly because it fits with my schedule and isn’t complicated like some other plans out there.  It is only a 12 week training plan, but I intend on repeating the first 2 weeks to make it 14 weeks, you know, ease into regular training again.  Depending on my schedule, workouts are subject to change, for example, this weekend I have a race, so I’ll swap my weekend workouts.

Every Monday is a rest day, and I plan to use it for yoga/stretching.

This week’s scheduled workouts:

Monday: rest/yoga

Tuesday: swim 500-1000 meters; strength training

Wednesday:  30 minute run

Thursday:  500-1000 meter swim + 45 minute bike

Friday:  rest

Saturday:  Twilight 4 miler (scheduled 40 minute run done within the race)

Sunday:  500-1000 meter swim + 60 minute bike

Happy sweating!


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