Workouts: 5/26/15

Today’s workouts:

Rolled out of bed and ran 1 mile (RW run streak day 2)
1 mile|9:46|9:46 pace

*a note about the RW run streak–I have a training plan I’m following, but on days I am scheduled to rest, I plan to only do a 1 mile run prior to strength training as a warm up.

Upper body strength (found here–I chose this one because 1. I like the simplicity of the workout, 2. it can be done at home and 3. I want to be a buff bride in October 🙂 + core (found here–I did only one set)

I hit the pool at the Y for a swim.  I’m following this plan, today was week 1, workout 1 (of 3).  It was tough, I’m not gonna lie, but it also felt good to be able to complete the swim!

900 yards|25:25 (including rest breaks)

I think I’ve FINALLY gotten my motivation to workout back!  I didn’t procrastinate or have to force myself out the door, I wanted to workout.  Swimming is my weakness, but I know with practice I’ll improve….I mean, when I started running I didn’t just go out and run a half marathon, I had to work for it.

Happy sweating!


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