Workouts: 5/28/15

12.5 mile bike ride on the Colonial Parkway.  The aggregate road surface makes for a challenging ride.  The headwind on the way back slowed my pace just a little, but I need to practice riding in a headwind since the OBX tri this fall is likely to have a strong one. 12.5 miles|48:47| 15.4 mph … More Workouts: 5/28/15

Workouts: 5/26/15

Today’s workouts: Rolled out of bed and ran 1 mile (RW run streak day 2) 1 mile|9:46|9:46 pace *a note about the RW run streak–I have a training plan I’m following, but on days I am scheduled to rest, I plan to only do a 1 mile run prior to strength training as a warm … More Workouts: 5/26/15