Back On The Bike!

Swim The swim love continued but with less yardage and frequency than last week because I got back on the bike. On Friday, I swam the most I have since before Lake Placid, 3600 yards and felt strong as hell. Three swims, 7100 yards/2 hrs 27 minutes. Bike My first “real” ride back (with intervals!) … More Back On The Bike!

LP 70.3: 52 Days

7/20/18, 52 days out Workout: 30 minute run, 3 hour bike with big gear intervals Weather: per-fec-tion. Low humidity, partly sunny, low 80s I started my day with the run. And holy shit I RAN. It was another one of those “ooooh this feels so good, I can’t wait till my next run” kind of … More LP 70.3: 52 Days

LP 70.3: 55 Days

7/17/18, 55 days out Workout: 1:30 bike, 30 min run Weather: Humid, hot, sunny w/ afternoon thunderstorms I kept it indoors today for a couple of reasons: I didn’t want to get caught out in a thunderstorm. Duh. As much as I love an outdoor workout on a hot/humid day, I know I don’t recover … More LP 70.3: 55 Days

LP 70.3: 56 Days

7/16/18, 56 days out Workout: 2050 yd swim Weather: Hot, humid, sunny I opted to swim inside for this one because I didn’t feel like swimming in 80 degree outdoor pool water with kids all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, I love that kids are outside being active, but I really just wanted … More LP 70.3: 56 Days